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Nemesis - 3v3 Joust Build

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Smite God: Nemesis

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Build Item Combat Boots Combat Boots
Build Item Hide of the Urchin Hide of the Urchin
Build Item Ninja Tabi Ninja Tabi
Build Item Cleric's Cloak Cleric's Cloak
Build Item Deathbringer Deathbringer
Build Item Malice Malice
Build Item Titan's Bane Titan's Bane

Bruiser - Physical Counter Items

Build Item Void Shield Void Shield
Build Item Runeforged Hammer Runeforged Hammer
Build Item Mail of Renewal Mail of Renewal

Bruiser - Magical Counter Items

Build Item Cloak of Concentration Cloak of Concentration
Build Item Bulwark of Hope Bulwark of Hope

Instead of Titan's Bane if you want more attack speed

Build Item Qin's Blades Qin's Blades


Build Item Combat Blink Combat Blink
Build Item Purification Beads (Old) Purification Beads (Old)

Nemesis's Skill Order

Swift Vengeance

Swift Vengeance

1 X
1 8 11 12 14
Slice and Dice

Slice and Dice

2 A
2 4 6 7 10


3 B
3 15 16 18 19
Divine Judgement

Divine Judgement

4 Y
5 9 13 17 20


This is my first guide so apologies if the guide isn't clear I will try to make updates if needed. Also any feedback is welcome and if you think anything should be changed I am open to suggestions.

This build is more of a one size fits all build, that I found works really well in 3v3 Jousts. There is a nice balance between Physical/Magical Protections as well as some extra Health/Mana. I have yet to try it out in Arena or any other game types, though I would expect for it to do well in Arenas maybe not so much Conquest as I don't play it much. I feel that this build is more forgiving if you aren't very familiar Nemesis. This build is very well rounded giving you surviability, damage and penetration to make her ultimate hit a bit harder.

Pros / Cons


- High Mobility
- 2 50% slows
- High burst with her Ultimate
- High damage output if built Assassin


- Squishy if you build Assassin (High Attack Speed/Crit)
- Mana hungry early game
- Takes melee knowledge, can't just charge in blow CD's and expect to live.


- With most builds you will always want to start out with boots. When I first spawn I get these as well as two Wards. After I buy these items I usually head into the left jungle and ward so that I catch speed on the bottom then one above to just see their blue. Most of the time people will start Blue then Red then lane. The Wards aren't a necessity but I like knowing what the enemy is up to when starting to avoid being caught unaware waiting at blue and dying early.

- The second item I buy and max out is the Hide of the Urchin. I buy this before I get the last tier of boots, the CDR isn't needed much early game and the Health/Mana plus the protections gained from this item compliments her passive well. Also Nemesis blows through mana very fast and this gives you quite a lot. Not to mention you want to build the passive stacks on this item as early as possible.

- After you finish off the Urchin finish buying the last upgrade for the boots. I prefer the CDR that Ninja Tabi gives you over the extra Penetration Warrior Tabi gives you. If you feel the enemy team is countering you by building with a lot of physical protection feel free to pick up the Warrior Tabi instead.

- The Magi's Cowl is the last Tank item we'll need for this build. Going with the Cowl over the Blessing gives you more protections overall and you still get a decent 20% Crowd Control Reduction. Obviously if you find yourself up against a team that has many Hard CC abilities feel free to get the Blessing. There's nothing worse then being pulled by Arachne silenced by her then frozen by Ymir and killed most likely.

- This is where the damage starts. Nemesis is more of an Assassin than a Warrior much like Thor before they officially changed it. Like any other Warrior/Assassin the more you crit and the harder the crits the better not to mention this gives you a nice amount of physical power.

- A good compliment to the Deathbringer is Malice. You get less attack speed with it than Rage but always having that 40% chance to crit is too good to pass up, bringing your total crit 60%.

- Last but not least is the Titans Bane. The extra penetration gained from this item will help you cut through the tanks and even the squishy gods who may have got a bit of physical protection as well.


Overall I see a lot of people play Nemesis as Assassins and you can do pretty well if you build her right. One of the best builds I've seen for Assassin is this, shout out to Darks for the nice guide.

A lot of the time I see players new to Nemesis charge in and pop all her abilities and maybe get a kill but most likely die. With my main bruiser build I play her a bit more passive and make sure to use her abilities situationally rather than all at once. I really only use her 1 to close gaps or escape if needed, always save her 3 when you think you're about to take a lot of dmg either from enemy ultimates or high attack speed melee/mages. I try to split up Nemesis' Ultimate on one god and her 2 on another so that 2 enemies are slowed by 50% making it a bit easier on you and your teammates to get some kills.

I still have a lot of playing to do to really pin this down but this is what I've found that works for me. Depending on your play style you may need to get some lifesteal/attack speed or more CDR. I haven't been able to play her much recently because one of our group won't give her up =D. I'll update as necessary.

Shout out to Retaw for the inspiration of this build.

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LunarFrost (1) | April 15, 2014 10:02pm
I see some stuff that is wrong or not right with this build, and this is my own personal opinion.
Why Runeforged Hammer it only really shines when you go full on physical bruiser build and their are many more choices that would be better suited like Breastplate of Valor or Witchblade.

And lets say I'm using the build right now, what items am I going to switch out from the core build with situational items. That's something that needs to be put up because not all players know automaticly what items are good for this and what items are good for that (All the new players at launch)

Deathbringer with Malice is now 40% not 60%

As for the actives , I recommand getting rid of Combat Blink for something else like Rage of the Gods, Teleport to Towers, or Sprint.

And as DroboBrandegee said
Also there should be a lot more content.
I'm not saying its a bad guide. I'm just saying be a little bit more details and consider the gods weaknesses and try to root them out

(Even though my Nem guide isn't complete :3)
DroboBrandegee (2) | February 14, 2014 12:26pm
A few things, one it would be better if you added more bb coding. If you add a bit more color and formatting then your point is put across better, then it would be if you have just plain text. Also with the bb coding you already have added all the icons in your items section are different size. Maybe that is on purpose, but for me it is a bit distracting.

Also there should be a lot more content. What you have is a start, but it isn't much. You go into a brief description of the items and some good advice in both intro and summary. But that's it, take your time and add more over time and I think this guide could get a lot better :)
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Nemesis - 3v3 Joust Build
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