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Mercury: Soloing with Speed! (Updated 10/14)

October 14, 2013 by JararoNatsu
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Build 1
Build 2

High Movement Build (Don't Like It? Try the Other One)

Smite God: Mercury

Item Purchase Order

Core Items

Build Item Warrior Tabi
Build Item Golden Bow
Build Item Asi

Bring That Death

Build Item Deathbringer

Late-Game Items

Build Item Witchblade Build Item Rage

Actives and Consumables:

Build Item Enfeebling Curse Build Item Fist of the Gods Build Item Aegis Amulet (Old) Build Item Purification Beads (Old) Build Item Heavenly Wings Build Item Teleport to Towers Build Item Healing Potion Build Item Mana Potion

God Skill Order

Made You Look

Made You Look 1 3 6 7 10 key bind

Maximum Velocity

Maximum Velocity 2 8 11 12 14 key bind

Special Delivery

Special Delivery 4 15 16 18 19 key bind

Sonic Boom

Sonic Boom 5 9 13 20 key bind


Mercury is an assassin who uses his fists... yes, his fists. Why? Because he is FAST! I have found him to be an excellent solo, being able to clear lanes with relative ease as well as have the upper hand in a fight. This guide will show you the basics to playing Mercury as well as give some tips for soloing him. While this is a solo-oriented guide, it will provide all you need to know to begin playing Mercury!

NOTICE: This is a guide started on the day that Mercury was released, 10/2/2013. This guide was created not because I find potential for Mercury as a solo god, my role of expertise, but also to set a standard for first-day guides.

This guide will show that a first-day guide can be released that is not half-***ed, has good info, and is beneficial to the community.


10/14: Changed the builds up and updated the Items and Skills sections. Arena section to come soon.


  • High damage potential
  • Made You Look has excellent minion clear potential
  • Two initiators, potential finishers
  • Sonic Boom ranges up to 500 ft
  • Very versatile
  • High potential speed makes him great in 1v1 fights

Passive: Movement to Physical

So some of you requested that I look at how much physical power is obtained from movement speed items. Well, I did. Here is a simple formula that I found:

For every 5% movement speed you build, you will gain approx. 3.9375 physical power. In game, this value is rounded up!



WARRIOR TABI: Physical power, attack speed, physical penetration, and a nice bonus to physical power from the movement speed. These (after testing and suggestions by readers) are the preferrable choice of foot wear, superior to Boots of Celerity due to much more physical power, while having almost as much movement speed as BoC during combat.

GOLDEN BOW: As a solo, clearing minion waves is a key part of doing your role. With Golden Bow, Mercury's basic hits as well as any damage from [[Made You Look] will have splash damage! This adds wave clear to that ability's potential as well as an amazing poke on Gods.

DEATHBRINGER: Since Mercury is very much an assassin, and since Made You Look can take basic hit effects, BUILD HIM WITH THE CRITS! Crits everywhere make a good game, because not only can you clear minion waves with ease before building this item, you can do so even better now and Made You Look has the potential to be a high damage-dealing poke.

Witch stone WITCH STONE:Another item where all of the damage is going to come from the movement speed. This item is mainly to be used for 1v1 fights, where the passive will give you a huge advantage. You are also taking advantage of Mercury's passive to build speed and power simultaneously, and the physical protections are a nice addition touch.

RAGE: This is a finisher for the damage. And by damage, I really mean crits. So many crits. The attack speed is nice here, but what you are truly getting out of this item is a means to punch the living hell out of any enemy you see and make it hurt.

BLOODFORGE: Some people insist that Mercury needs lifesteal. If you are having problems and you need some, then this is the item that you should build. It should be build early, most likely taking 2nd or 3rd place in the build.

ASI:If lifesteal could be given any easier, and at such a cheap price, then I would be concerned. This item, now fully physical with the recent patch, gives huge benefits to both your basics as well as Made You Look.


FIST OF THE GODS: Starting with level one Hand of the Gods, this starts as your early-game minion clear, for when Made You Look just is not doing what it has the potential to do later. You should continue on with this until you get to FoG, because it can insta-clear most if not all of a minion wave as well as help in a multitude of ways in late-game, such as taking buffs (including Fire Giant and Gold Fury), damaging the Minotaur, or stunning an enemy God to get some extra damage in.

ENFEEBLING CURSE: If, somehow, you just can't keep an enemy down long enough to get a kill, then this is going to be a good friend of yours. I tend to buy it during late game when the builds are complete, and it can give you as well as your team a huge advantage. Do not hesitate to buy this if it can help you out.

AEGIS AMULET: This is your "OH S%!T" ability. This is a godsend (literally) when in the presence of a God (or Gods) who is about to kill you or use some sort of CC on you, for it can be used to give yourself a moment of invulnerability and makes you immune to CC. Let your enemies waste their Ult on you, you're unkillable... for up to 2 seconds, anyway. Although, you can't move while it is active and it has a ridiculously long cooldown, so you need to act quickly once it ends. If you go for this, make sure you max it out when you can.

PURIFICATION BEADS: The ability you would build if you want CC immunity but don't care about taking damage. Very helpful in a variety of situations. Swap it out Aegis Amulet depending on your play style and preference. If you get it, max it for the benefits.

sprint SPRINT: Can you possibly need more movement speed? Well, if you do, pick this active. Besides the speed buff, it also affects your passive so you get a boost to your physical power. It is excellent for chasing down kills.

MANA AND HEALTH POTIONS: Your go-to consumables in early game. Buying two mana and one health potion at the beginning of the game will give you a period of sustain. These are more helpful than one would think, and they do stack. Plus, they're inexpensive so buy them to boost yourself up.

teleport TELEPORT: In Conquest, this is a preferable method of travel. If you can, especially if enemies are close to your tower and/or are attacking it, or if there is a team fight going on near a tower, do not hesitate to use one of these. It will bring you right to a tower of your choice after a small charge period, which can save your tower and maybe change the outcome of a fight. Don't use them for ganks, though... your enemy can see when someone is teleporting to a tower. Thankfully, you can do the same.



For every 1 ft traveled, Mercury gains a 0.1% physical power bonus on his next basic attack (max 50%). Mercury also gains additional physical power equal to 20% of movement speed from items.

This passive is asking to be taken advantage of. This is why the build in this guide is viable: 20% of all of movement speed from items is converted into physical power. How can someone not feel entitled to abuse the hell out of this? The bonus to Mercury's next basic attack is always nice, as well. This passive is fairly simple to use. Just move around as much as possible, even making random motions with WASD if you need to, and build movement speed items.


Mercury moves in the blink of an eye, dealing one melee attack to every enemy within the target area. Each hit may trigger item effects for basic attacks, and can critical hit.

Ability: Ground Target
Affects: Enemy
Damage: Physical
Damage: 70/100/130/160/190 (/+50% of your physical power)
Radius: 5/7.5/10/12.5/15ft
Cost: 50
Cooldown: 8s

The main damaging ability for Mercury, and possibly the most versatile ability in the game. Any item passive that would affect your basic attacks can also affect this ability, which is why Golden Bow is used to allow minion clearing. The ability to make critical hits is also extremely important, so make note of that. There are many ways to use this ability, such as:

1. A wave clear
2. A poke
3. A finisher

Always remember that in early game, the radius is significantly lower than it will be in late game, so make this ability your first priority to increase the radius as well as have the damage you need to sustain your lane. If you are not holding up well in early game, get Hand of the Gods level one to help you out until this ability can start clearing waves.


Passive: Mercury gains increased movement speed. Active: Mercury increases his attack speed, ignoring slow and root effects for the duration.

Ability: Buff
Affects: Self
Ground Speed: 2/4/6/8/10%
Attack Speed: 30/40/50/60/70%
Duration: 3/3.5/4/4.5/5s
Cost: 60/65/70/75/80
Cooldown: 18/17/16/15/14s

Even if this ability didn't make you an anti-Neith due to ignoring slows and roots, this would still be an amazing ability. I usually put points into this last, though, because it is more important when your basic attacks become more prominent and do more damage. This buff, with the finished build and at level 20, can bring you to 2.48 attack speed, .02 away from the maximum.

Use this ability when you are near an enemy God and are certain that there will be a fight. Do not use this on minions, but on large buffs like Fire Giant and Gold Fury, or even the Minotaur, this will increase your damage output considerably. You can also use it to prevent slows and roots (with the slow prevention stacking with the Winged Wand passive), potentially startling the enemy and allowing you to get some damage in or a kill.

As of a recent patch, this also gives a passive movement speed buff, up to 10%. An excellent boost, don't you think?


Mercury dashes forward, knocking aside minions, grabbing the first enemy god he encounters and spinning them. The enemy god takes damage until the effect ends, and Mercury throws the god in the direction of his choice.

Ability: Line
Affects: Enemy
Damage: Physical
Minion Damage: 70/115/160/205/250 (+60% of your physical power)
Damage per Tick: 10/15/20/25/30 (+15% of your physical power) every 0.25s
Duration: 1s
Cost: 70/75/80/85/90s
Cooldown: 15s

Now, I have heard some people complain because this ability is underwhelming. I do not find this to be true, because it makes for an excellent initiator! It can also be used to clear minion waves early game, if you're cocky enough to deal with the consequences. For the most part, you should be focusing on grabbing an enemy God with this. If you do, it is wise to throw them either in the direction of your minions, your allies, or your tower. Doing so will allow you to fight the God as well as get extra damage from whatever you threw them at. If you could only throw them at, say, a wall or something, that's fine. Just activate Maximum Velocity and punch away.

This ability also works as an escape, as most dashes do. Don't be afraid to use this to get away if it will save your life. But it has another use: A pseudo stun. Yes, while you are spinning the hell out of your enemy, they can take damage from another source, such as an ally God or a tower. Take that into consideration when within tower range or in a team fight.


Mercury gathers energy for a powerful dash, with the range extending as he does so. He travels the distance faster than the speed of sound, dealing damage to all enemies, stunning them and spinning them around in a random direction.

Ability: Line
Affects: Enemies
Damage: Physical
Damage: 200/275/350/425/500 (120% of your physical power)
Disorient Duration: 1s
Cost: 80/90/100/110/120
Cooldown: 90s

Ah, your Ultimate, and a bit of a tricky one. You can move while charging it, but where you can have a problem is if you let it charge TOO LONG and you end up dashing farther than you originally wanted to. For example, the enemy's tower range. It can happen, so if you are going to use the Ult make sure that you know what limit you need to go and try not to go overboard. 500 feet is a rather long distance in Smite. In the Joust map, that covers the bend of one side of the lane (near the tower) to the other.

Keep in mind that when activated, this Ult is instant. Whatever distance you traveled you will get to instantly, which can startle your enemy and if you hit them, they get disoriented. Basically, anyone hit by this Ult gets a "What the hell just hit me?" feeling, and from there you can either fight an enemy to try to take them out, or take advantage of the potential mass disorientation to start a team fight. This Ult works as an excellent initiator.

It can, in the worst case scenario, be used as an escape. Only use it this way if you are desperate.


Most Difficult Match-Ups

You will, as with every God, encounter Gods that are easy to counter and Gods that counter you with ease. This is a list of those who are the most difficult to counter (as I have found them so far), and some tips on what you can do to stay alive.



REASON: I should begin by saying that, no matter how fast he is, Mercury cannot go through walls. This, along with many other things, is why Ymir is an excellent counter to Mercury. Ymir's Ice Wall will stop both Special Delivery and Sonic Boom as soon as they hit the wall. His stun will also give the opportunity for enemies (or Ymir himself) to burst you down. Now that Shards of Ice can be shot early, unless you are smart and can work slow-prevention to prevent the slow on Ymir's Ult, then he can kill you right there as well.

Aside from that, he IS a tank and if he is not doing damage, then he is preventing it.

WHAT YOU CAN DO: You have to learn to know when Ymir's stun is coming, because if he can stun you there is a lot of potential trouble there. Also, always be prepared for Ymir to raise his wall if you use a dash. Although your Ult is instant, it can still be blocked if Ice Wall is timed right. Other than that, try not to take him alone, because knowing how tanky Ymir can be you will most likely have a hard time taking him down.




REASON: Athena is great against Mercury because of her -> combo. That combo can get a hell of a lot of damage in, and if the Athena is smart and built Polynomicon (like I do), then she can burst you down and kill you while you are stuck in her taunt.

WHAT YOU CAN DO: If you are up against an Athena, then you have to make the first move or else she will get damage on you. One of your dash abilities will work well there, and from there activating Maximum Velocity will give you the boost you need to potentially take her down. If she uses Preemptive Strike to get away, then chase her, it's not that hard.

I will continue to add to this as I find counters to Mercury, and I ask that if you know of a good counter to him leave a comment so that I can look into it. If your suggestion gets added to the guide, you will be credited for it.

Skill Sequences and Combos


In order to maximize effectiveness in any lane, you should prioritize the skills as follows:

-> -> ->

With this prioritization, you can clear waves in early game while still having some initiation and buffs, but work on the latter as is needed during the game.


Throughout the game, if you are in charge of taking out minions, then Made You Look should be your priority. However, if you have the minions on low health and want to take them out as well as grab an enemy God, then you can follow that up with a Special Delivery to get the Minion-Clearing Initiator:



Here, Made You Look should mainly be serving the roles of poke/finisher. If you want to go up against an enemy God, then you have a few choices there:

1. Single Them Out Combo:

-> , fighting with your basics and using a to finish them off if necessary.

This combo is useful throughout the entire game once you get all three of those abilities.

2. Ult/Turn Around Combo:

, then after turning around, and then fighting with basics, using a to finish them off if necessary.


3. Ult-n'-Throw Initiator: In a team fight, begin with , then while the enemy is disoriented use to throw them into your allies.

4. Single Them Out Extended Combo: Use to throw the enemy and initiate the fight, then have ready to hit them when they land, following up with and if necessary finishing with



When starting a Conquest game, you have to begin at the God selection. Obviously, in this circumstance you have chosen Mercury, but who your allies choose is of the utmost importance. You must ask youself these things:

1. Is there an ally God that my skills have good synergy with?
2. Which players are taking what role?
3. How well can the players cooperate (you can tell by the way they talk. You can usually know if they work well with others or if they choose to be snobs from the beginning)?

If you cannot say yes to each of those things, then the overall synergy and performance of both you and the team may be weaker than it could be. Nevertheless, try to work with the other players, tell them your play style and let them know what buff (it will most likely be orange buff) you want beforehand. Sometimes during God selection other players do not pay attention to what you are saying, so if they decide to call shots once the game begins that you have to stay firm with your play style. However, if it becomes an argument over a lane, be lenient.


When starting as Mercury and following the build in this guide, it is best to start with:

Level two Boots of Celerity, level one Hand of the Gods, two Health Potions, and one Mana Potion.

Alternatively, you can get level two Hand of the Gods and only one Health Potion. This is probably not the best idea for concern of sustainability, but if you wish to do so then go for it.


It is best, no matter which side short lane is on (assuming that you will be soloing in short lane because it can potentially be easier), to get orange buff. Not only will it give you a speed boost, but because of Fastest God Alive you will also get a damage boost. This is crucial for when Made You Look is low in level and you need to get as much damage out of it as possible.

If you can get that buff, then go to lane. If not, well then go to lane anyway. From there, you should be focusing only on taking minion waves. If you can't take them with your abilities, Hand of the Gods at any level will take out any minions that it touches so use it when needed.

NOTE: It might be wise to instruct your jungler to hang with you in lane for the early levels, so that they can get some exp. before going to their jungle routes. If they don't want to do this, then fine. It could make both of your early games easier, but it is not too important for them to do so.

If the enemy God is a complete idiot, don't be afraid to use the Minion-Clearing Initiator to get them close enough to deal some damage. Take extreme precaution in doing this, because it might turn against you and the enemy and/or their minions (if they're still alive or a new wave) could get more damage on you than you would like. If that happens, use a health potion.

Continue to clear waves until you run out of mana, then just recall. You should have enough gold to finish your footwear so be sure to do so for the speed and damage. If the enemy is pushing well and you have enough for a Teleport, use one to get back to lane. If not, then proceed by foot.


Sooner or later you should have enough gold to buy and complete Golden Bow. Before or after its completion, you should be working with the jungler at all times to poke and attack the enemy as much as possible. Your lane's jungle should also be warded near the openings of the jungle openings, so as to avoid ganks from an enemy.

After finishing Golden Bow, Made You Look should have sufficient clearing potential, but if not don't be afraid to use HoG as is needed. Once you have that potential to clear lanes with relative ease, you should slowly turn your focus onto attacking the enemy God/s. With all of Mercury's damage, using one of the combos in the previous section will allow you to get a LOT of damage in and possibly a kill, depending on the scenario. If you see an opportunity, one that is NOT stupidly dangerous, then go for it.


By now, at least the core of your build should be complete, and the 4th item is in progress.

Hopefully by now you have a few kills on your plate, but if not it is ok. Now you have entered the phase where players leave lanes and start focusing towers. You, being a pusher, have the ability to push an entire lane of minions with ease at this point, and you'll be racking up a hell of a lot of stacks on your items.

You have some options here: You can either stick with team mates and group up on towers, or take the opportunity of the enemy team being distracted to push a lane and attack a tower. In either scenario, remember that once enemy Gods see you attacking a tower, they will usually begin heading your way and they will usually prefer to attack you from behind. If you even begin to think that an enemy is close, back out unless the tower is near destruction. If it's not, it's usually not worth the risk and you can always go back to it later.

In this phase, small team fights are bound to happen. If you are not working on a tower or defending one (which is entirely possible), then be sure to help out in any team fights. You have the power to make a huge difference in those fights and killing enemy Gods in this phase is usually necessary to destroy towers. Any combo works here, so do as you see fit!


Hopefully by now, most if not all of the build is complete. If not, then keep working on it.

As I said, team fights are prominent and are usually decisive in who will win the game, since the respawn times in this phase give the enemy (or you) time to catch up CONSIDERABLY! Most team fights will take place in middle lane, but some take place in the corners of the map or in the jungle, near Fire Giant or Gold Fury.

You should be the player that is doing a hell of a lot of DPS, and all of your combos work here as well, so work with your team.

Finally, you are either going to be defending your minotaur, or attacking theirs. Use all of your abilities, and do what you need to do. Good game.

A Little Ending Note:

I mentioned at the beginning that this was to start out as a first-day guide, and so it is. This was completed for that purpose, to give new Mercury players a general idea of how to play him.

This is proof that first-day guides can be done in a manner that is not half-***ed.

Therefore, any Mercury guide (or guides of any new God close to their release) I see I will judge by the standard of this guide.

On another note, if you liked this guide, then you will LOVE my other guides:

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