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Izanami S4 Guide - Loki Hunter?

February 22, 2017 by Neodoxe
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Izanami Duo Lane (Conquest)

Smite God: Izanami

Item Purchase Order

Start 1 (Death's Toll)

Build Item Death's Toll
Build Item Boots
Build Item Chalice of Healing
Build Item Mana Potion
Build Item Mana Potion

Let's go now with early game

Build Item Death's Toll Build Item Ninja Tabi Build Item The Executioner Build Item 8-Pointed Shuriken

Ready for mid game?

Build Item Death's Toll Build Item Ninja Tabi Build Item The Executioner Build Item Poisoned Star Build Item Bloodforge

End game - Be the cu*t who burns ppl down

Build Item Hastened Fatalis Build Item Ninja Tabi Build Item The Executioner Build Item Poisoned Star Build Item Bloodforge Build Item Titan's Bane

Izanami S4 Guide - Loki Hunter?

February 22, 2017


Welcome to my first guide :D I will write about my bae Izanami. So up there you have build for conquest so let me explain in essence what Izanami is.
Izanami is basically the only Hunter who has 2 ticks or, said with other words, two fcking basic attacks out of once. She can burn ppl with her 1 like they are nothing. Just delete those gods from history books :P

Let's Talk About Her Skills

Passive - Death Draws NighSo her passive works on missing health system, the more HP she loses the more penetration she gets. Basically she gains 4% Physical Penetration for each 15% of her Health that is missing, up to a maximum of 20%.
But wait wait... You seriously thought that this is end? Now comes the good part :D
She also gets power contribution on basic attacks of 75% when fired but a 25% power contribution when returning.
Now let's do the math:
So yeah, not op at all.

Skill Number 1 - Sickle Storm
-Or how I like to call it, The God Slayer/Tower Ruiner-You have thought that Izanami can't get better, you are terribly wrong.
Usually Izanami's Basic Attacks are like boomerangs, hitting twice. BUT NOOOOOOW for fcking 6s, Izanami throws her sickles (boomerangs) even faster and more furiously (is she in her period?). While active she gains Attack Speed, and her Basic Attacks no longer return to her, instead applying Bonus Damage in addition to 100% of her Basic Attack power per hit.
Wanna take the tower down in less then 5s, Izanami is your girl :D
Basically with this skill you can Box everyone out lol
So next time when you say Izanami is sh*t... Just don't lol
The cooldown doesn't start until the ability ends.
Right-clicking will end the ability early.
Hastened procs while the skill is on.
lol I've almost forgot to show u how much speed she gets:
55/60/65/70/75% - F*ck the Hastened Fatalis

Skill Number 2 - Spectral Projection
-Should I make se*ual jokes about this?-So do you know how some hunters have that awesome vawe-clearing abilities, and u think that every hunter is sh*t if they don't have it. Don't worry my children she has 1 :D
So let's look at description of skill:
"Izanami sends forth a demonic visage of herself to strike down her enemies, damaging and Slowing all Enemies in a line".
Slow u say... Damaging everything on it's way... But hey! It's not like the slow it big...
"...future uses of the slow will be increased by 6% per kill up to twice, for a maximum of 30%".
Oke... At least duration is a second? Right?

Skill Number 3 - Fade Away
-I'm Faded... So lost... I'm faded...-Bascially every f*cking class has a fade (stealth) now...
Loki - Assasin
Izanami - Hunter
The Morrigan - Mage
Hi-Rez, what are you telling me? An Guardian? With Stealth? Just no no no...
The duration is actually good on this..
Yea there is but also here :P
It needs 1s to activate so u need to hold still, it's not the best escape but it can be handy in escaping and chasing the enemy down.

Le Ultimate - Dark Portal
-Circle, silence, explosion - Izanami stole a skill form Nox-And now the ult comes... Its good and needs some good timing/aiming. Basically... let the video says it all: So you think its sh*t... well let's see what you get with this ult:
1. 250/350/450/550/650 (+130% of your physical power)
2. Silence
So what more can u ask for.
oh yeah, ult needs like few secs to activate so be carefull.

Let's Talk About Her Build

So I think every hunter should have same start.Death Toll speaks for it self, rush for the boots and stack that gold.
Executioner is a Must Have item. It gives a bit of Physical Power, Attack Speed and a sweet passive which will help you to burn ppl a bit quicker. If you are doing really good go for Poisoned Star.
So go with the Poisoned Star cause it's passive will help you to put some CC on ppl, cause with every crit u slow the enemy :D Bloodforge cause of the sustain and boxing (don't hate before trying).
Titan's Bane - Because we all need that Penetration :P
And Hastened Fatalis so you can chase down ppl.

Thanks for reading :D

Tell me down below in the comments what you think about this guide, this is my 1st guide and have mercy on my mortal soul. If you would like to see build for other god tell me from which one :D
Thanks again <3

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