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Hachiman is the man

October 11, 2017 by PeterRow
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Smite God: Hachiman

Item Purchase Order

Start example 1

Build Item Cursed Gauntlet
Build Item Healing Potion
Build Item Mana Potion

Start example 2

Build Item Bluestone Pendant Build Item Boots Build Item Chalice of Healing Build Item Mana Potion Build Item Mana Potion

Full Build

Build Item Warrior Tabi Build Item Devourer's Gauntlet Build Item Wind Demon Build Item The Crusher Build Item The Executioner Build Item Deathbringer

Other items to consider

Build Item Ninja Tabi Build Item Ichaival Build Item Silverbranch Bow Build Item Qin's Sais Build Item Odysseus' Bow Build Item Titan's Bane Build Item Bloodforge


Build Item Purification Beads Build Item Aegis Amulet Build Item Magic Shell Build Item Heavenly Wings


Build Item Ninja Tabi Build Item Devourer's Gauntlet Build Item The Executioner Build Item Qin's Sais Build Item Odysseus' Bow Build Item Titan's Bane

God Skill Order

Eagle Eye

Eagle Eye 4 8 11 12 18 key bind

Heavenly Banner

Heavenly Banner 1 3 6 7 9 key bind


Iaijutsu 2 13 14 15 16 key bind

Mounted Archery

Mounted Archery 5 10 17 19 20 key bind

Hachiman is the man

October 11, 2017



Full Build here is powerful af and works incredibly well. Further reading if you want but not much useful information (if ya already know Smite a lot and played Hachiman few games and got used to him).
Further reading
Edit patch 4.19
I've just simplify this quick guide here for new patch. They did some minor changes on Hachiman, buffing the 1 (arrows scaling) but decreasing the damage I think just a lil' bit and other minor changes (ult dmg scale). This is neither a nerf or a buff, just some tuning balances and it's alright. But, they did buffed The Crusher quite a bit (increase attack speed from 15% to 20%). I had already include The Crusher in my Hachiman builds and I knew it would be a good item on him but it wasn't quite efficient enough (Qinn's or even Titan's or Jotunn's maybe were as good or better) but now I can confirm without any doubt that The Crusher is for sure the way to go and will be a standard build on Hachiman.
Intro and playstyle
Hi guys. So here's some builds examples for Hachiman, the new God. I haven't played a lot of hunters lately because I was bored with their playstyle, had played a lot of hunters while I start playing the game a few years ago but Hachiman has an interesting kit. It is simple, easy to play, straight forward but it has a more ganking assassin-like playstyle. With his 3, you can stun an enemy God, than throw your 2 right there and beneficit from the attack speed increase. And if he escapes, you can finish him with your 1 or ult. So he can be more agressive than some other hunters, in a way, even though you won't hit the stun all the time. It is challenging and it's fine this way. His ult is also a CC immunity and a slow, so that's really conveniant. You can either attack with it, escape with it or secure kills. Don't hesitate to use your ult for team attacks, to slow ennemies so your team can secure kills. Not a hard CC ability but the slow is high (scaling from 25 to 45%) and lasts 1.5s. Powerful ult there.
For what I've been experimenting, Wind Demon and The Crusher are really the key here. Obviously a little bit of cooldown is fun on Hachiman because his cooldown on his 2 is kinda high. Also the pen is a must with crit. For boxing potential, Devourer's Gauntlets and The Executioner are a the way to go obviously.
So you should max his 2 first as it is his clear and most powerful ability and his 1 second. Put only one point in his 3 and then max it last. Put points in ult when possible.
There's a bunch of other items that could be interesting to try on Hachiman but from few games I played in Arena, the build I provided here works best. Anyways, have fun guys and remember, comments are appreciated. Thanks for reading.

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