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Bouncer Baron (Midlane)

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Smite God: Baron Samedi

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Starter Notes Time to take it slow!

Play passively early on, as Midlane is dominated by the brutal Zhong Kui, Zeus, Hera, and other high clear mages. Communicate with your Jungle to try to get an early lead in lane.

Build Item Baron's Brew Baron's Brew
Build Item Mage's Blessing Mage's Blessing
Build Item Uncommon Staff Uncommon Staff

Core Notes Im digging the new duds

Warlocks Staff is a great Midlane item that i don't see very often. Giving a Flat 200 to Health and Mana with a Base 65 Magical power plus the maximum +300 health and +50 magical power makes this a powerful starting item that will give you great sustain in lane.

Shaman's Ring a personal favorite of mine, and a slight substitute for boots on Baron. This ring is extremely easy to stack as you gank your solo and duo lanes, or just poke your laner. giving a flat 100 to magical power with an evolved passive that can result in your attacks hitting like a party bus is always a great thing to have.

Bancroft's Talon is a good midlane lifesteal item since it scales with the percentage of health missing. allowing you to gain back a lot of damage done with one quick use of your consign spirits.

At this point as long as you are not behind you should be able to box with your opponent quite well. Barons abilities should give you the sustain and waveclear needed to do decently in midlane. I would recommend talking to your teammates to find good ganks that will leave you ahead in your lane. not behind.

Build Item Warlock's Staff Warlock's Staff
Build Item Shaman's Ring Shaman's Ring
Build Item Bancroft's Talon Bancroft's Talon

Late Game Notes Come Now Child, Dance with me

In addition to the core items we have some new pieces. Spear of the Magnus is a great build for any midlaner, giving their combos a nice little punch for their buck. Hit them with Wrap it Up to start the passive, punch them with Vivid Gaze to do some bucu damage and drop the hat with Consign Spirits to pop their top and fill your glass.

Soul Gem is a Baron Samedi Favorite. Use its passive to your advantage and try to land your Consign Spirits as the fifth ability to pop your stacks as well. going from low to max health before the enemies eyes.

Spirit Robe is great for Baron, Cooldown Reduction, CC Reduction, and 40 for both protections. the passive helps him survive getting caught up and will more often than not be a deciding factor in some fights

Build Item Warlock's Staff Warlock's Staff
Build Item Shaman's Ring Shaman's Ring
Build Item Bancroft's Talon Bancroft's Talon
Build Item Spear of the Magus Spear of the Magus
Build Item Soul Gem Soul Gem
Build Item Spirit Robe Spirit Robe


Build Item Soul Reaver Soul Reaver
Build Item Obsidian Shard Obsidian Shard
Build Item Book of Thoth Book of Thoth
Build Item Hastened Ring Hastened Ring
Build Item Ethereal Staff Ethereal Staff

Baron Samedi's Skill Order

Vivid Gaze

Vivid Gaze

1 X
1 4 6 7 11
Consign Spirits

Consign Spirits

2 A
3 8 12 13 17
Wrap It Up

Wrap It Up

3 B
2 9 14 16 18
Life of the Party

Life of the Party

4 Y
5 10 15 19 20
Array ( [major] => Array ( [0] => Array ( [god] => Array ( [god_id] => 65 [display_name] => Ah Puch [url] => ah-puch ) [scoreVal] => 2 [notes] => Midlaneing against Ah Pach could be tricky. His high burst damage and ability to reduce healing as well as outright punish you for healing can be awfully difficult to deal with. take it slow. and communicate with your Jungle. ) [1] => Array ( [god] => Array ( [god_id] => 90 [display_name] => Artio [url] => artio ) [scoreVal] => 2 [notes] => Artio's Passive could cause Baron a lot of trouble, destroying any protections he has and then proceeding to have the ADCarry, or even herself burst him down ) [2] => Array ( [god] => Array ( [god_id] => 31 [display_name] => Poseidon [url] => poseidon ) [scoreVal] => 2 [notes] => Poseidon is a danger because of Barons limited movement speed, his Whirlpool will cripple the already slow Baron and nuke him with Kraken ) ) [tiny] => Array ( [0] => Array ( [god] => Array ( [god_id] => 6 [display_name] => Anubis [url] => anubis ) [scoreVal] => 5 [notes] => Baron Samedi is a great counter to Anubis, While Anubis has high DPS and CC he is very immobile giving Baron the easiest shots to land Consign Spirits and get a pretty nice heal. ) ) [even] => Array ( [0] => Array ( [god] => Array ( [god_id] => 93 [display_name] => Cerberus [url] => cerberus ) [scoreVal] => 3 [notes] => Midlaneing against Cerb can be kind of annoying and extremely dangerous. Watch his Ult and his breath attack. ) [1] => Array ( [god] => Array ( [god_id] => 89 [display_name] => Cu Chulainn [url] => cu-chulainn ) [scoreVal] => 3 [notes] => Be careful while invading lanes with Cu Chulainn, His Barbed Spear ability will reduce your healing by 50% ) ) ) 1

Baron Samedi' Threats

Click each Level on the left to view
Baron Samedi' threats

Tips and Tricks

Your Wave Clear early game will not be nearly as good as many Mid Laners. You will feel the pressure of the heavy hitter Mid Laners such as Hera or Zeus. Vivid Gaze will help stack your Warlocks Staff after it gets to rank 2 or 3. Play passively and communicate with your Jungle for favorable ganks.

Watch for Ganks Yourself. You're an easy target early game and most Jungles will know that. If you land your Wrap it Up and Vivid Gaze, try to catch them with Consign Spirits for the delete them.

Play into Barons Abilities, and the enemies agress. Use Life of the Party to pull them under tower if they don't have beads. trap them under tower with Wrap it up and Drop your cooldowns like they're hot. Vivid Gaze first, then attempt to catch them with Consign Spirits.

In team fights you should use your Life of the Party to pull assassins and Mages off your ADCarry, More often than not i find myself using Life of the Party as a Zoning tool, or using it to pull high damage enemies away from their tanks.

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Gulfwulf (62) | January 17, 2019 2:19pm
Warlock's Staff is no longer core on mid-laners because of how far it can put you behind in power due to needing to stack it, plus its health and mana aren't all that great when stacked. And Hastened Ring? Baron's not an AA god, so that serves no real purpose. Plus it's really not that great of a item due to its internal cooldown. Now if it functioned like Hastened Katana I could see a use for it on AA based gods like Sol and Chronos, but Baron's a utility mage so he needs power, CDR, maybe Rod of Asclepius, etc. Don't buy AA items on him because you're just wasting a slot and gold.

Baron Samedi needs boots; all gods need boots at the start. With Baron you can start with Book of Thoth and then get Shoes of the Magi or skip the book and go with Shoes of Focus instead. Also, Spear of the Magus is pretty much core on him because of how his ult works. You can swap it out for Obsidian Shard if the enemy team is pretty tanky, but without good MS at the start of the match, Baron's more of a sitting duck than usual.
Kriega1 (82) | January 17, 2019 1:32pm
Again no build. And why is Hastened Ring listed?
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Bouncer Baron (Midlane)
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