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A N G E R Y Cu Chulainn Full Guide Solo

October 26, 2017 by ArtioIsABalancedMilf
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A N G E R Y C H O O C H O O Solo

Smite God: Cu Chulainn

Item Purchase Order

A N G E R Y Starter

Build Item Death's Toll
Build Item Boots
Build Item Healing Potion
Build Item Healing Potion
Build Item Chalice of Healing

A N G E R Y T A N K Core

Build Item Warrior Tabi Build Item Gladiator's Shield

More A N G E R Y Defense Options (3rd item)

Build Item Hide of the Urchin Build Item Breastplate of Valor

(Optional) Anti-heal so your A N G E R Y ult isn't useless against hel

Build Item Pestilence

4th Item More Defense Options

Build Item Genji's Guard Build Item Spirit Robe Build Item Bulwark of Hope

5th item or 6th item

Build Item Mantle of Discord


Build Item Blink Rune Build Item Shield of Thorns

God Skill Order

Barbed Spear / Ground Slam

Barbed Spear / Ground Slam 1 4 6 7 12 key bind

Vent Anger

Vent Anger 3 13 14 15 17 key bind

Salmon's Leap / Furious Charge

Salmon's Leap / Furious Charge 2 8 9 10 16 key bind

Spear of Mortal Pain / War Cry

Spear of Mortal Pain / War Cry 5 11 18 19 20 key bind

A N G E R Y Cu Chulainn Full Guide Solo

October 26, 2017


I love playing cu chulainn and i feel he is one of the best if not the best solo laners in the game. That's all you need to know, i think.



Death's Toll

Gives you much more heal early game allowing you to heal up quickly with health pots, ootions and it's passive. Very good early game for survivablity.

Gladiator's Shield

Very good defense item early game for Cu Chulainn to get even more heal. Must have against any decent warrior solo as Cu Chulainn.

Hide of the Urchin

Another very good defense item despite it's nerfs it's the most tank for your buck.

Breastplate of Valor

If you need more physical defense, this can replace Hide of the Urchin but it's still a good item for cdr imo.

Spirit Robe

Get this if the enemy uses hard cc to start their combos.

Genji's Guard

Very good Item for CDR, i feel you should get Bulwark of Hope over this just because of it's passive but if you need CDR, go for Genji.

Bulwark of Hope

My favourite item for cu chulainn, decent Prot against burst mages and it's passive allows you to tank even more and spam laugh over the enemy mid's corpse whilst tanking the entire enemt team while khepri ults you after the entire team burns all their ults on you.

Mantle of Discord

Very good itsm for defense against both types of damage with a decent passive, get this last or second last item because it's too expensive early and you could get better items for cheap early game.


Your clear and what you should use as poke in lane, builds your rage. It also has 50% antiheal which works amazing wuth pestilence against healers. Max this first.

Are you about to transform but it's at a time e.g you're clearing a camp with jungle or something? then use this, it vents rage. Max this 3rd.

Your intiation tool, decent leap which also builds you rage. Max this second.

Your knockup cc ult, very good to transform and hitting 4 people with it at the same time just feels so good with blink.

Your A N G E R Y Passive, the best warrior passive in the game imo, maybe challenged by bellona's boxer passive but it still is better. This allows you to play the entirety of your kit again. This can be a brutal combo if you play your entire kit twice on a squishy.

Berserk Abilities

This ability is now a root and can be used to get your ult down on an enemy.

This is now a dash instead of a leap, you can push people with this like Hercules but it feels more clunky and slow for some reason, but it's usually used as another damaging ability to use your ult for.

Your ult, it's almost the same as your normal Ult but instead of knocking up. It makes your opponent's tremble.

Ability Combos

This combo is incredibly good if you fully execute it and you should always use this to take down a squishy with Shield of Thorns.

Pros / Cons


Very good Early game
No mana Issues
Very good heal with pots, potions and Gladiator's Shield
Good Chase
Good initiation
Very Tanky with high Base damage


Not much CC in Calm form
No Ability Heal
Damage Falls off Late Game but is still effective


Here was my guide for Cu Chulainn. I hope you love that A N G E R Y boy as much as i do in solo.

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