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SMITEFire Halloween God Creation Contest Winners!

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Permalink | Quote | +Rep by Hades4u » November 15, 2021 5:12am | Report

We are happy to announce the winners of our Halloween God Creation Contest!

There has been a high number of submissions and we couldn't be more excited! It has been a tough week of judging and we are finally ready to reveal the winners. Before moving on, we would like to say that we greatly enjoyed reading your creative concepts, they could be a true source of inspiration even for the Hi-Rez team themselves!

Grand Prize Winner! ($60 USD Steam Game)

Congratulations to our grand prize winner, Ozanoku, the author of Datsue-ba and Keneō, the best concept of this contest! They will receive their choice of any Steam game(s) of $60 USD value and a special golden Halloween God badge!

Notable facts about Datsue-ba and Keneō, the Terrifying Pair of Elderly Oni:
  • Japanese melee assassin able to switch between two forms that grant different abilities.

  • Great synergy between abilities and multiple different and effective combinations are possible.

  • Well rounded kit that provides sustain, crowd control and a little bit of mobility.

  • Interesting passive that generates saplings on deaths. They can grow into trees that benefit Datsue-ba and Keneō's abilities while providing bonuses to their team. One interesting twist is that trees can only be destroyed by the God with the most damage dealt in the match.

  • Beautiful and spooky artwork created by the author. Abilities have an illustration each to better picture how the abilities would actually work in-game.

Runner-ups! ($30 USD Steam Game)
Congratulations to our runner-ups! They will receive their choice of any Steam game(s) of $30 USD value and a special silver Halloween God badge for their wonderful God concepts!

BananaHammer33 - Hecate, the Goddess of Boundaries, Witchcraft and the Underworld
  • Greek ranged mage that can switch between three unique forms that grant her unique bonuses and different abilities.

  • Interesting kit that allows for different kinds of combinations and fun plays.

  • Relatively difficult to play, having to keep track of 10 abilities. In spite of its difficulty, the diversity of her abilities make her a versatile pick in any team.

  • One of the three ultimates (yes, there are three) completely prevents the enemy team from having vision through a wall that Hecate can place. Sounds strong in theory, hopefully we can find out sometime how it'd be in practice!

  • A multitude of illustrations and images helped us better picture the concept in-game. The author went above and beyond and even described how each of her animations would look like!
xmysterionz - Strifer, the Damned Knight
  • Melee assassin that belongs to a new fictional pantheon, Mystirian!

  • In-depth lore on the concept and also on the new fictional pantheon. Definitely an interesting read!

  • Heavy damage dealer that can keep foes under control thanks to his passive. Will keep enemies slowed until they take a distance or if carefully pick their fights from range.

  • Can use his ultimate to isolate and duel enemies in a separate dimension. Trapped enemies will have to either fight or stall until the duel is finally over.

  • Lots of information on play style, abilities and personality, giving more authenticity to the concept.

We would like to thank everyone for joining our contest and for being awesome! We hope that you enjoyed this contest as much as we did and you can expect more contests of this kind coming soon. Let us know if you have any suggestions or ideas for us to improve the quality of our future contests! 😊
<Community Manager>

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Permalink | Quote | +Rep by xmysterionz » November 16, 2021 4:27am | Report
Yo can't believe I won UwU
I thought I messed a bit the lore and that would be problem, but thankfully it wasn't :3


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Permalink | Quote | +Rep by Branmuffin17 » November 16, 2021 8:54am | Report
Congrats to all! Some very good concepts!

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Permalink | Quote | +Rep by Ozanoku » November 16, 2021 1:07pm | Report
Thank you for this opportunity!


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