March 02, 2019

Am I wrong for hating crit items/builds?

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I hate crit items and/or builds. I simply hate them. When I see someone bulding crit items, I already label the person as an unexperienced/troll player.

Sure, there are some assassins ( Mercury, Serqet and Ne Zha) and some hunters ( Jing Wei, Artemis and some other few) that benefit from crit items/builds, but crit isn’t always the best choice, even for these gods.

I can’t understand the NEED some people have to build crit on EVERY ******* PHYSICAL GOD! No, Neith doesn’t work with crit, and Nemesis doesn’t either. And don’t get me started about Loki.

Am I wrong thinking like this? Is crit always viable for some gods? When sould I build crit and when should I build penetration?