November 27, 2017

I got reported! A series of bad games.

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A first for me. First time I've knowingly been reported. For feeding no less. Wasn't actually feeding, was just on game four of an eventual five loss streak and was tilted. Was trying to see if I was still decent with Iza since I hadn't played her in maybe a month and I'm not sure if my build is bad or I'm just bad with Iza but four losses in a row and get into a clash. Starts off fine and then swings to the other team's favor, not sure if they got the items they needed or what but they start winning every team fight and the Awilix on our team messages me that they reported me. I'd normally ignore stuff like that, but I was tilted and just responded with "Whatever, man." THey messaged back that they were gonna put me on youtube and I replied back sarcastically and that was that. But gonna give smite at least a day break and come back, just wanted to tell this story.