October 12, 2017

A Talk About Paragon

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Hello everyone I want to discuss about a other moba called Paragon I'm pretty sure that anyone that plays SMITE should at least head of it. What I want to discuss about is getting more people playing the game itself. Bran and myself were discussing for the past couple of weeks about paragon most of it was getting Bran into the game. The one thing I want to bring up is the sad discontinuation of PGFire. I feel bad for the people that put time and dedication into that community. So I want to make sure that people on this other site called agora.gg get some love from other people. Right now there isn't that much well detailed guides on the site. So I want to change that. Myself been starting to create guide for this site I just published one not that long ago here it is. So I want SMITE vets so just give the game a try and see what you think about the game. If you not sure playing it here's a video of their biggest update yet.

Give it a shot it's really fun when you get into it and I want to start getting more of you guys playing so that we could have a small community talking about the game and playing it. So please try Epic put hard work and dedication for this game. Don't be afraid go try it it's fun.