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overld1's Blog
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November 20, 2019

Uhhh Hi...again.

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Not Dead  |  Return  |  Welcome Back
Uhh well, this is kind of awkward but hi again...not sure if anyone still remembers me they might have to dig up my past if they kinda want to remember who I am. Well, Otherwise I'm here again and actually not burned out of SMITE anymore. I'm actually enjoying the game again how it used to be. And hi new people on this site I know you don't know me but that doesn't stop me from becoming friends. The truth is why I have been gone for so long is the struggle of college I know I've been talking about it in the past and now in the present, I'm here I don't know how long but I'm here. Probably don't expect me that much on this site guide wise and whatnot, but that doesn't stop me from commenting on your guy's stuff. Well I hope I get to know all of you oldies again it's been too long.

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September 10, 2018

Did I died a little?

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Wow by the look of this is this a dream or whatever idk. Well, Guess who's not dead that's right, me! Your old pal I'm not dead as I think at least. I just wanted to point out that I'm here uhhh I'm not sure when I'm gonna get back updating guides and stuff. Yeah, I'm still kicking hope some of you old peeps are still here.

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December 04, 2017

Big Announcement

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So I've been really late with this announcement School got in the to share this info. So two weeks I found out that I got accepted to College. That was the best thing I could ever heard in my life! So in the spoiler below is the college I got accepted to.
Spoiler: Click to view

So yeah this is exciting so the next four years of my life is going to be exciting for me. I'm already making friends over there, due to their eSports game club having a discord. Right now I'm in talks with one of the officers there to create a eSports team for SMITE! So I'm really excited for that wish me luck for making that happen!

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October 25, 2017

2 Year Anniversary!!!

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2 Years
Well it's that time of the year that I mark on my calendar that how much time I waste on this site (LOL). Now it's been 2 years since I joined this and just like last time my journey is becoming more bizarre (Is that a JOJO reference!!). It's been a pleasure to be on this site I'll be with site till the end. My guide skills has been improved since last time especially with how little time I have till the next big step of my life. I'm not going to link any guides this time, yes I'm not even close finishing my Fenrir and bad keeping my word sometimes. Time to name out names that helped me a lot in this year. Branmuffin17, xZeroStrike, Technotoad64, Bernardozomer, Gulfwulf, and Zilby. If I didn't name you, you are still in my heart because we're family (Man that sounded cringy). (I been here for 2 years and I'm still a yellow pleb). I don't know exactly what is my other true goal next I just have to think about it right now, if you looked at my bio you'll see I'm in a crisis. Otherwise …
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October 12, 2017

A Talk About Paragon

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Hello everyone I want to discuss about a other moba called Paragon I'm pretty sure that anyone that plays SMITE should at least head of it. What I want to discuss about is getting more people playing the game itself. Bran and myself were discussing for the past couple of weeks about paragon most of it was getting Bran into the game. The one thing I want to bring up is the sad discontinuation of PGFire. I feel bad for the people that put time and dedication into that community. So I want to make sure that people on this other site called get some love from other people. Right now there isn't that much well detailed guides on the site. So I want to change that. Myself been starting to create guide for this site I just published one not that long ago here it is. So I want SMITE vets so just give the game a try and see what you think about the game. If you not sure playing it here's a video of their biggest update yet.

Give it a shot it's really fun whe…
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