November 20, 2019

Uhhh Hi...again.

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Uhh well, this is kind of awkward but hi again...not sure if anyone still remembers me they might have to dig up my past if they kinda want to remember who I am. Well, Otherwise I'm here again and actually not burned out of SMITE anymore. I'm actually enjoying the game again how it used to be. And hi new people on this site I know you don't know me but that doesn't stop me from becoming friends. The truth is why I have been gone for so long is the struggle of college I know I've been talking about it in the past and now in the present, I'm here I don't know how long but I'm here. Probably don't expect me that much on this site guide wise and whatnot, but that doesn't stop me from commenting on your guy's stuff. Well I hope I get to know all of you oldies again it's been too long.