May 28, 2015
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Ok, so I'm going to base this off the current state of game. There will be no crafting of items in this, nor will there be specific god/ability changes, since I'm not a design member and I've seen how people blow up over minutia in those fields. That said, I will note items/gods/abilities that need nerfs, buffs, or removals. Most of my comments are going to be on everything beside mid; I am not an expert on the state of mid in S2, so feel free to comment on my evaluations.
Things that Need to Happen
  • Bluestone Pendant needs to be removed, and Heartseeker needs a nerf. This seems very agreed upon by the community here, even if HiRez doesn't recognize it. For those who missed the enormous conversation in the forum, Bluestone Pendant removes the inherent weakness of hunters, and Heartseeker makes them stronger in their weakest period.
  • Qin's Sais needs to be reverted to its old state. Guardians are popular now because nothing short of a full power-penetration Loki can get throu

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