March 26, 2016

Smitefire Needs Help, And Only We, The Casual Community, Can Grant It

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basically, smitefire is being bashed under every smite community site, specifically reddit. we need to do something, or we will eat SmiteJunkies dust.

Smitefire has gotten small over the years, and we need to do something in order to save the site, Smitefire has an amazing community, each one of us only wants his guides and other guides to grow and succeed, and i have met some amazing people here, And we need to bring smitefire back, because if we won't, no one will, and i'm not going to let this site go down without a fight, and i know you won't too.

I know smitefire is better, but we need to fix our problems so the rest of the community could also see that.

so, Checklist:

we need updated god guides for:

Ymir, Anhur, Anubis, Cabrakan, Chronos, Cupid, He Bo, Hercules, Hou Yi, Hun Batz (desperate), Kumbhakarna, Poseidon, Mercury (desperate), Rama (desperate), Vulcan , Xbalanque.

im taking care of: Chronos, Ah Puch, Agni, Anhur, Kali, and Zhong Kui Raijin with in depth ones for Raijin and Chronos,

GGF is taking care of: Hun Batz and Serqet

Zilby, prism, me, and ggf are all updating our guides.

Stuke99 is taking care of all the warriors on the list.

CrimisonSkies has a great Kukulkan guide, go and check it out.
We need to get ourselfs together as a community and make some defined and solid guides that define the basic builds (proven builds) although you can bring your creativity into the guides.

all we need is builds, intro, pros and cons, items, skills and basic gameplay, with intro and basic gameplay not being that urgent.

next, we need the mods's help, yes, you guys. we need filtering, after we have enough s3 new guides, we need the mobafire filtering system implemented.

after that, we're gonna need volunteers. we need to contact hirez, so we can have some attention as we can help them with the whole beginner help issue more then smite junkies will ever do.

Next up, to hype up the site, we will need some pro players, i am now working on contacting Incon, hopefully i will succeed.

and i dont give a **** that this sounds like a really wanna be an edior, i've been on this site for about 2 years and i cannot stand the bashing and the fact that the site isnt popular and ignored by the smite community.

You can volunteer to write guides in the comment section, and if you have a guide that you think is good for this cause, nominate it in the comment section below and we will try our best to review it.

Also, leave the link to the blog when you make your guide, to spread awareness around smitefire.
thank you so much for reading this, and iil be off to continue my chronos guide.

Edit: I have posted suggestions for what we can do in order to get a better build foundation in here