January 16, 2020

Smite and Smitefire plans

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So I think it's time for another blog. Updating you all what I have been up to regarding to Smite for as far time allowed.

As most of you know I recently finished my Z-A challenge. After this challenge I fell back into playing assault, since I have a problem with picking who to play. While I can have some mains the same god over and over gets boring real fast for me. Assault is just the excuse so I do not have to pick myself. and I also almost finished this Battle pass with this game mode.

During this game mode I found out I prefer to play bruisers. Which I could say was kinda logical seeing that I spend a lot of time on Chaac and Ra in the solo lane during the early days. Same goes for LoL that I prefer to play top lane if I'm not support. However a big difference between then is that nowadays solo lane in smite is quite boring. Partly because of the sustain meta in solo lane. On top of that I prefer the "fighter" type, which warriors do not build for anymore. They build off tank. While they do still have damage they are mostly tank focused. This isn't necessarily bad, however in a sustain meta like we have now it feels like a wet noodle fight. Therefore, I have been drawn towards the bruiser assassins (and that building bruiser on most assassins in assault is just better as flanking is almost impossible and you survive 10x better especially if the enemy doesn't rush %pen). Depending on how S7 goes I will probably go and try conquest again, maybe even starting to main a certain god or a small pool. The lane will likely become jungle or solo depending on how fun solo will become.

So that are my smite plans, however I also have some plans for smitefire. If they come true is gonna be question too and slightly time dependent (of the time while not playing a game). Some might already guessed it, its indeed guide based. Not only will I be aiming to have input in the collaborative guides, I will also be (finally) updating my old basic mistake guide after 4 years or so. However, this is not the only thing I have planned. I'm also planning to make 2 other guides.

One guide is gonna be a part 2 of my basic mistakes guides. So yeah I am gonna try to split up the guides towards easy recognizable and beginner mistakes (e.g. minion damage, building no pen, trying to 1v5 etc.). While the other is going to go into more advanced and harder to recognize things, mostly in macro plays. Depending on how much I find for both guides it can be that it still stays one guide. Don't expect this update to be fast as I need to replan a lot in the guide as it currently stands. One thing my study learned me is the flow in a report and I became slightly more aware of it and perfectionistic about it. So this can still be several months away before I push the update with what is already in it right now before adding new things.

The second guide plan is probably going to be there before the other ones, since a lot of ideas have been in my head about it or written down at this point. And while we already have one guide about it this one can be considered a supplement to it. Some people may already have a guess about what it's gonna be. If you guessed a "how to item build" guide you were right. While we already have an excellent guide, made by our Muffin overlord Bran, regarding item choices, this one is gonna focus a lot more of the thoughts behind creating a build. A thing Bran's guide touches on at the start, before he goes into the items on it's own. The goal of my guide is going to be more in-depth about it and slightly my own take. Therefore, just like in research, while 2 articles about the same subject might seem the same they can be totally different. This idea actually came into existence as a comment during a discussion on a guide, however I realized it was gonna take a lot more time to do it right. How I'm looking at it at this point is at least these 2 chapters (it will probably have more of them at the end):
A very basic concept, which will help people understand what a certain role searches for, hopefully causing people to understand that if they are an adc they will not go full tank (or pick an adc and build them tank if they are support or something).
The second chapter going to be more advanced into depth about build paths and things like building around a certain item (e.g. Qin's Sais) or a thing in a gods kit.

So yeah those are some plans. Feel free to help brainstorm for mistakes or questions/discussions regarding your own thought path during building/theorycrafting.