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ullr, god of HA LOL WTF GET REKT (conquest guide)

September 8, 2017 by Mattdew
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all purpose build

Smite God: Ullr

Item Purchase Order

pre game stuff

Build Item Death's Toll
Build Item Morningstar
Build Item Healing Potion
Build Item Mana Potion
Build Item Mana Potion

some core items

Build Item Transcendence Build Item Ninja Tabi Build Item Jotunn's Wrath Build Item Odysseus' Bow

damage i guess

Build Item Wind Demon Build Item Brawler's Beat Stick Build Item Titan's Bane Build Item The Executioner

defense (nani?!)

Build Item Breastplate of Valor Build Item Mantle of Discord Build Item Spirit Robe Build Item Shifter's Shield

lifesteal item choices bc why not

Build Item Bloodforge Build Item Asi Build Item Devourer's Gauntlet

God Skill Order

Bladed Arrow / Thrown Axe

Bladed Arrow / Thrown Axe 1 3 5 7 9 key bind

Expose Weakness / Invigorate

Expose Weakness / Invigorate 11 12 13 14 15 key bind

Hail of Arrows / Glory Bound

Hail of Arrows / Glory Bound 2 4 6 8 10 key bind

Wield Axes / Wield Bow

Wield Axes / Wield Bow 16 17 18 19 20 key bind

introduction i guess

i like anime
and playing ullr
in conquest

lets get to it then

pros and cons

ullr has a good side and a bad side
you have to learn how to take advantage of his good side and cancel out his bad side

-has a really satisfying snipe
-amazing clear
-can adapt to a lot of situations

-not lag-friendly (lag kills, obviously. but ullr has a harder time dealing with it)
-can still be 1 shot by a mage if you dont build any defense

your 1, 2, 3, 4, and other thing you don't press

ullr has buttons
you have to push them in order to win a game
let's go over those buttons

"ullr is stance switch god
he has different abilities in each stance
whenever ullr switches stance, his abilities in the opposite stance are reduced by 1 second
may not seem like a lot, but it's basically a free cooldown reduction item"

use this to make your abilities get off cooldown faster i guess
good for fights though
you're able to get your 14 second cooldown to a 7-3 second cooldown if you keep pressing 4 all the time in a teamfight
with jotunn's wrath or other cooldown reduction items, even better

"in ullr's ranged bow stance, he can shoot an arrow in a straight line
it passes through all enemies too"

best clear
use this to clear
finish off the archers in the back with your aa or your snipe
this arrow does a lot of damage in teamfights though

"in ullr's melee axe stance, ullr throws an axe in a straight line
it stops at the first enemy it hits
the enemy hit gets stunned
and yes, the stun gets longer when you level it up"

use it to disrupt an enemy when they're chasing a low health ally or when they're running from you or your teammates with low health
but the aim is pretty weird for me though
that's why you should have your line targeting path thing always visible
always keep your line targeting point thing pointing at the enemy you're looking to stun and try to predict where that enemy is trying to juke your axe

the 1st ability is your number 1 priority when leveling

"you get more physical power
i want to add more, but that's all it does"

i really do want to add more, but that's literally it
use in teamfights or in taking structures and objectives

"oh my god this just makes you move faster
kinda useless in a lot of situations"

ullr's 2nd ability is kinda weird
use this only to get in and out of situations quickly
or just get out of base faster
i don't really care

ullr's 2nd ability isn't worth leveling until your 1 and 3 is max level
level this only after you get your 1 and 3 to max level
once your 1 and 3 is max level, you either max your 2 or your ult first
i usually max out 2 first before ult, but the ult is useful too
depends on your play style or type of situation i guess

"one of the 'harder to hit, but harder hitting' abilities
the radius of this is tiny and it's range is incredibly far
but oh my god it does 240 + 120% physical power
if you get a kill with this from far away, your pants will most certainly rip"

this can be used to (obviously) steal a kill when your teammates don't notice
but clearing with this is also a good use
after you've used your 1 in your ranged, use this ability to finish off either the archers or the brutes

"you jump to a target area
you do damage in an aoe around the target area
that's it"

chase, escape, extra damage, more movement, or get out of base
i don't care
just don't waste it unless you have full stack trans and/or ninja tabi

prioritize this ability second right behind your 1

"you change stance
you also remove disarms (which basically is a SCREW YOU to bellona and amc)
also, you get stuff depending on the stance you're in
you'll only get the stuff if you have it leveled
in your ranged bow stance, you gain more attack speed
in your melee axe stance, you gain lifesteal (something kinda more important i guess)
you can use it in level 1 though"

don't level this ability until you have your 1 and 3 max level
as i said with your 2, it's your choice to level this one third or last
depends on your play style and situation of course
other than that, i don't really care what you level up after you get your 1 and 3 to max level

building ullr

ullr has to buy things to win a game

pre game items differ with what role you choose to play
this is conquest of course
if you're playing adc, mid, or solo, you want to buy wither death's toll or bluestone
yes, i said bluestone
he's kinda ability reliant, so bluestone would kinda help
i don't build it a lot over death's toll, but it's up to you
if you're going jg, get death's toll, rangda's mask, or bluestone and pair it with bumba's mask
you can build rangda's mask because it's cheaper, so you'll have more gold for pots i guess
and it has a cool passive
also, don't play support ullr
that's the starters
for the other stuff, you have a choice to get either morningstar to start building your trans really early or tier 1 boots
after that, spend the rest of your money on pots

build trans or ninja tabi the second or third time you end up at base because you take up all your ******* mana within the first 5 minutes
you could either buy trans first or ninja tabi first
(NOTE: regarding the boots, either build ninja tabi or warrior tabi. i usually build ninja tabi because more mana, but warrior is also fine)
don't forget to buy more pots
after you've built both trans or ninja tabi, go build jotunn's wrath or your preferred choice of lifesteal
jotunn's gives penetration, power, mana, cooldown reduction, and more mana (PERFECT)
i usually build jotunn's first, but if you'e looking for lifesteal, i recommend either asi or bloodforge (just remember that asi > bloodforge in conquest)
devourer's is also great
i just don't build it super often
if you're not a fan of those 3 choices, might as well build oddyseus
it's a great item early and mid game
i don't recommend building crit early game
build only tier 1 or 2 for defense items in early game and complete them in mid game
the defense items best for ullr are ones with cooldown reduction such as valor, spirit robe, and mantle of discord
sure, there are items like ancile, gladiators, and relic dagger, but the ones before were just a bit more viable than the other stuff

you can complete your defense items now
crit is also an option
you can build just one crit item if you think you can hit a lot of shots
pen does a lot of consistent damage over a couple shots, while crit is just gambling inconsistently
but if you're a pro artemis main or satou kazuma, go ahead
i recommend wind demon for crit
fatalis has been removed, but movement speed is kinda ok
deathbringer or rage is also really, really good
just don't build poisoned star
i don't think it's super meta
but hey, now that you have pen from items like asi or jotunn's, you could probably get titan's bane now
brawler's and jotunn's is obviously > titan's bane
but now in mid, titan's bane's passive becomes more useful because you have other pen items like jotunn's
and considering it's price, it's good
executioner is also a good pen item
keep looking at the enemy builds if you want to do some counterbuilding
check your support and solo if the build is ok
if your team doesn't know how roles work, you're screwed

don't build stacks here
you had your chance in early and mid game
just don't
now that you have trans at full stacks, get rid of your mana pots (if you have any) and help with warding
late game, you don't really need to do a lot this time around
extra pen is cool
extra defense is cool
after you've finished your core items and at least one defense item, you're free to build whatever you want
as long as it doesn't suck

combos i guess

fighting as ullr is hard
that is, unless you know his combos

power buff with 2 in ranged, switch stance, stun with your 1 in melee, jump to enemy with 3 in melee, auto attack, stance switch, snipe with 3 in ranged, auto attack, line with 1 in ranged, auto attack until enemy god is dead or try to get out with stance switch, move speed buff 2 in melee
use in ganking or diving
you want clean and fast
practice with the ra or odin in jungle practice

stun with 1 in melee, stance switch, snipe with 3 in ranged, get out of there, keep your distance between the enemy and enemy minions
use it now and then in early game
be careful of the minions' aggro

use 1 in melee against enemy god, switch stance, power buff with 2 in ranged, line with 1 in ranged against objective, snipe with 3 against objective, auto attack objective until dead, stance switch, move speed buff with 2 in melee, jump away with 3 in melee
steal objectives lolololol janus got no game

other gods lol

ullr needs really cool teammates to make some pretty amazing plays

-gods with decent amount of cc that isn't support (osiris, scylla, serq)
-supports that can easily protect you with shields or heals (geb, sylvanus, aph)
-gankers the enemy won't see coming (thor, loki, morri, thana)
-high defense warriors/guardians (vamana, tyr, terra, athena)

-bellona, amc, gods with disarm (your ult counters their disarming abilities)
-erlang, kali, aa reliant melee gods (you do so much damage from a distance and aa reliant melee gods don't have much cc to stop you)
-anubis, sylvanus, gods with low mobility (they can't escape your glory)

-apollo, chronos, sol, adcs with cc and mobility (you can't cast your jump if you're stunned)
-merc, ne zha, thoth, the "ONE PUNCH" gods (yeah, you better buy aegis)
-loki, thor, good gankers (when you're busy farming and you forgot to check the minimap)

summary and conclusion

ok, so this is what we kinda learned today

-ullr has an incredibly steep learning curve
-ullr is insanely mana hungry and skill reliant
-ullr can adapt to a lot of situations
-anime is really cool

class dismissed

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