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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page


Ratatoskr, LORD OF CREATION! A Ratatoskr Guide

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Smite God: Ratatoskr

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Purchase Order


Build Item Acorn of Yggdrasil Acorn of Yggdrasil
Build Item Jotunn's Wrath Jotunn's Wrath
Build Item The Crusher The Crusher
Build Item Heartseeker Heartseeker
Build Item Hydra's Lament Hydra's Lament


Build Item Titan's Bane Titan's Bane
Build Item Bloodforge Bloodforge


Build Item Brawler's Beat Stick Brawler's Beat Stick
Build Item Mantle of Discord Mantle of Discord
Build Item Magi's Cloak Magi's Cloak


Build Item Breastplate of Valor Breastplate of Valor
Build Item Bulwark of Hope Bulwark of Hope
Build Item Gladiator's Shield Gladiator's Shield

Ratatoskr's Skill Order



1 X
2 15 16 18 19


2 A
3 8 11 12 14
Acorn Blast

Acorn Blast

3 B
1 4 6 7 10
Through the Cosmos

Through the Cosmos

4 Y
5 9 13 17 20

The Build

Early game, you should get Rangda's Mask, or Bumba's Mask. Rangda's Mask works for me early game due to the extra movement speed and penetration. However, only use it if you know for sure you will be able to secure kills early game. If you can't, you are better off starting Jotunn's Wrath or Bumba's Mask. Buy Jotunn's first if you wanted to use your abilities more, but if you want extreme burst buy hydra's Lament and Heartseeker first as they add incredible dps to your burst. Ratatoskr's kit is generally focused around cooldown, penetration, and power so you can do as much damage in as little time as possible, due to the fact you have the smallest health pool in the game. However, the burst damage that comes from this build is incredibly effective and you will melt any mage, hunter, or assassin that isn't building tanky if you can get up close. You will want to sell your starting items if you get to late game and buy some defense items if you are fed and have not bought any defense or finish building your offense up. Bulwark of hope is used to counter burst and is a good item in general due to the extra shield. Breastplate of valor gives physical protections and great cdr, so it will allow you to use your abilities much more. Gladiator's shield is an early game item that is cheap and provides protections and health and mana when you hit an enemy with an ability.


When you are playing Ratatoskr, your ultimate is the most powerful tool in your kit. It is what makes you such a great jungler and ganker. It is comically dubbed "Thor ult with more mobility", and it allows massive distance travel and decent damage if you decide to level the ability instead of dart mid game. The combos you will generally be doing starts with your Acorn Blast, and then Flurry, followed by some basic attacks and a Dart to finish them off. If you hit them with your ult, you will knock them into the air, and want to land your Acorn Blast for a stun which will allow you to land the rest of your abilities and some basics.


As Ratatoskr, you are incredibly squishy, so you are definitely not a front-liner. You are more of a high burst damage distruptor, and you need to keep that in mind during a team fight. Assuming you are in Conquest, you have a support, and maybe a solo to soak up all the damage for your team. Do not try to fulfill their role, unless you build super tanky, which is NOT recommended. What you should try to do is use your ult to make as many enemies as possible in the air, which will create a distraction in the fight. You should use your ultimate combo, (Through the Cosmos, Acorn Blast, and Flurry). The team can't leave you alone at this point, so they will start to target you. At this point you need to decide whether or not to stay and fight, or use your dart to escape the team fight, and pick off any squishies that might retreat. Either one of these can be viable depending on the situation, but it is up to you to decide which to do. If the enemy team is almost dead, has little damage, or you are incredibly fed, you should probably stay to help your team. If not, you should probably retreat, or chances are you will die due to your naturally small health pool.

Jungling with Ratatoskr. (Early Game)

In conquest, you should go to middle lane, and help clear the wave with your Flurry of Acorns and some basics. Then, you should go get the damage camp with you mid so you will lose as little hp as possible. By then, the middle lane minions should be there and you should help clear it again, and then go get the speed buff for yourself. You should then continue to help farm middle lane and get the exp camps on your side of the map until you reach level 5. Your ultimate will give you a lot of ganking power, and could lead to many kills. You should go help lanes that are struggling, or that are in a team fight now. This will allow you to potentially get kills and feed yourself or your team. Do not get upset if your kill is stolen. If you are jungling correctly, (See the many jungling guides in Smitefire) you should not need the exp, as the monsters in the jungle should provide that for you.

Jungling with Ratatoskr. (Mid Game)

By now, you are in middle game, around level 7-14. Almost every god will be able to go in the jungle to get a buff, so you should be on the lookout for an easy target. Mid game is where Ratatoskr shines, and you will be able to teamfight without dying instantly, push lanes, and do incredible amounts of damage. You should still be focusing on farming, but now you should devote a little more time to ganking lanes and securing kills. If your team wins a team fight, and at the very least makes the other team return to base, do not be afraid to suggest attacking the Gold Fury. This is a priority objective and should either have a constant ward on it, or you should consistently kill the oracles to retain sight of it.

Jungling with Ratatoskr. (Late Game)

Late game is when Ratatoskr starts to fall off. You might be able to deal enough damage to solo the Gold Fury. However, the Fire Giant is a much more important priority. Despite the damage you will be able to do 1v1 or even 2v1, you lack the teamfight capability that junglers like Kali and Hun Batz do. If you do get into a team fight, you should get in, attack the squishies, and get out as quickly as possible, due to the fact that now everyone probably has some damage built and you will probably die if you stay in the fray too long. However, you can push lanes rather well at this point and should not hesitate to push a lane if you just retreated a team fight, and try to take a tower or phoenix.


Ratatoskr shines early and mid game, but he falls off late game. Push lanes or somthing so you will not constantly die. Your team will like this more than feeding. This is my first Smitefire guide, and this is a work-in-process. Thank you for reading. Feel free to leave comments and have a great day.

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boogiebass (41) | July 31, 2017 1:02pm
Also , I'm not sure why you get The Crusher so early (to push towers? )

Heartseeker might be better here if you're jungling due to the +10% movement speed. Then i think Hydra's Lament would be a good choice to rush cdr.

Summary: a better build order might be
Acorn of Yggdrasil
Jotunn's Wrath
Hydra's Lament

So yea that's my opinion. Thoughts?
SpyyGuyy | August 14, 2017 6:06pm
As I have been playing ratatoskr, I have been learning as I go along and experimenting with my build. I have been adding hydra's lament and heartseeker in due to the incredible burst damage, but have not had the chance to update the guide. Thank you so much for the feedback!
boogiebass (41) | August 17, 2017 2:55pm
Yup anytime. I'm far from an expert, but I know for jungling purposes, you MUST include Bumba's Mask as your first starter. I don't think it's a good idea to pick up Rangda's Mask for a jungler.
boogiebass (41) | July 31, 2017 6:15am

Under "The Build," you mention:
Early game, you should get Rangda's Mask, or Bumba's Mask. Rangda's Mask works for me early game due to the extra movement speed and penetration.

If you're jungling, I think you should ALWAYS be getting Bumba's Mask. I believe the meta right now is 2 starter items for junglers ( Bumba's Mask being one of them), followed by 2 health potions and either 2 mana or 2 multi potions.

If an enemy jungler builds Bumba's Mask and Bluestone Pendant, while you only invest in Rangda's Mask, he'd likely have the advantage over you (faster camp clear and a more useful passive from Bluestone Pendant compared to an unstacked Rangda's Mask.)

Also, your guide could use some coding to make it look neater/more appealing.
Here's a link:
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Ratatoskr, LORD OF CREATION! A Ratatoskr Guide
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