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Neith, The Infuriating Exotic Sniper

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Smite God: Neith

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Your Go-To Conquest/joust/arena/siege Build for everything

Build Item Meditation Cloak Meditation Cloak
Build Item Improved Sprint Improved Sprint
Build Item Warrior Tabi Warrior Tabi
Build Item Heartseeker Heartseeker
Build Item Asi Asi
Build Item Rage Rage
Build Item Deathbringer Deathbringer
Build Item Qin's Sais Qin's Sais

A Little Parting Gift

Neith's ultimate is world-wide, meaning it can be shot from anywhere at anytime, and aimed at anyone. Keep a distant eye on the other lanes and if you see a kill getting away from your team (mind you there has to be a sizable gap but not so much that you lose sight of the target. Make sure it's a huge gap because you don't want them whining about KS) once again making sure that they are 2 health bars or lower, charge up the circle, and let your ultimate fly. This helps you in your lane, as well as in the lane of which you killed an enemy. I hope I have helped you become a better Neith! Just remember, don't use her ultimate in a cluster of enemies because it will most definitely be blocked. If you ever want to play a game with me, or anything of the such, add me as Feldrawn, tell me to go Neith (of which I am legendary) and I will absolutely be happy to! I hate nothing more than watching another Neith spoil her ultimate or in all just drag the team down. I love to help. Using your ultimate takes practice, too, so don't get frustrated if you don't get the kill or if you don't kill everything that moves, just keep trying. I know I'm drabbling, but make sure you know that at full build, your auto-attacks are the most deadly thing you have, and then slowly your abilities become secondary, just to help you secure a kill. Thanks! Hope I helped someone play a better Neith! XoXo

Skill Sequence

For the skill sequence (I left it blank because you really don't need to fret about it) You can honestly just use the auto-level option that you are given from the character selection screen. It gives you your 1 first, your 2 second, and your 3 last, while prioritizing your ultimate. Just like any other auto-level does.

The Items

Now I already know what you're thinking, HEARTSEEKER? Are you SANE? I'm going to tell you, yes. It gives you more stacks of physical power than any other stacking item does, I prefer it over the lifesteal gauntlet because the gauntlet, while having permanent stacks, only gives you a little more than half of what the heartseeker gives you. And it isn't like you should be dying that much if you conserve your 3, and evade ganks. Plus near the end-game it is really simple and easy to build the stacks back up, and even mid-game if you are still in the solo lane because you dont have to spam VSS at your support.

Asi is good because it gives you enough lifesteal to get away with a 1v1 fight and make you win indefinitely. When it comes to team fights, just use your 3, sit in the back and fire at them like you should do as an ADC.

Rage is good because when it stacks with DeathBringer, you are left with an unstoppable flurry of crit after crit after crit. The added comfort of DeathBringer means that your critical hits do increased damage and you can burst anyone down like an artemis, but with more snares, more healing, and a better escape.

Qin's Sais because why have slow crits? Not only will you have crits flying out the window, but the attacks that arent critical will still do enough damage to keep the opponent's health in a downward spiral and make sure you secure the kill. Qin's Sais is purely here for the speed and damage that it offers, and it is the cherry on top of your chocolate sundae.

The Improved Sprint allows you to not be slowed, and escape anyone. It's pretty self explanatory.

Meditation, which you can upgrade if you feel you are being extra aggressive and therefore excessively mana-hungry will let you return all your mana and continue with your laning. Again, pretty self explanatory.

Tips And Tricks

Have you ever seen a thanatos use his ultimate to fly away from death? Or an apollo call his chariot? Well I'm gonna let you in on a secret! If they have low enough health, charge the circle all the way on your ultimate (if you can) and JUST before they fly off, let loose your ultimate. Your ultimate will fly after them and as soon as they land, they die. Tada!

As Neith, you can use your 3 whenever you feel like it to get over a ymir wall, get out of a snare, it gets you out of practically anything, including an enemy Neith's 1(arena/siege/etc. game modes only).

Feeling down about getting ganked often? dont have money for wards? Fear no more! If you use your 3 in the jungle or if an enemy dies in the jungle, you and ONLY you are able to see into the jungle when enemies are near. But be careful because it wont do what a ward does, and warn you if an enemy comes near!

You can curve Neith's 1! If you shoot it and angle your cursor to move as your enemy moves, your 1 will curve and hit them. I call it a curve because its not exactly where you fired it from when you first clicked to fire it, and it moves, thus, curving.

What Lane Should I Do?

To be honest, everybody tells you to go duo because that's what an ADC does. Nope, don't do it. Neith's best options for laning is solo because you do not have to split the gold and you do not have to worry about more than one target. Neith is high-damage and high-distance, so you really want to have solo lane so that your opponent has no chance to run from you in the short little lane, because chances are, you are fighting a tank. Just make sure you use your range to your advantage and keep them at a distance and whittle away their health with your wombo combo of 1+2. Ocassionally if you can, trap them with weaves in the minion wave, this does a lot of damage and is very convenient. If you do, however, go duo lane, I suggest that you stick back and let the support do the majority of the heavy-lifting and just last-hit the minions in the lane. Now if your support thinks he can take a kill from you, go ahead and load up your ultimate, wait for the circle to charge fully, and when the enemy hits two health bars let it fly! Instant KS, make your support mad(if he doesn't know his place or job) and in all you are keeping ahead of your opponents.

Lanes, Do's and Don't's


    Use your 3 and 1 to clear lane if you are backed up
    Use your 1 as a poke
    Use your 2 to heal
    Use your 3 to evade the majority of ganks
    Use your 4 when an enemy is laughing at you from the end of the lane with 2 bars of health or less and when you fully charge the circle in the middle, and let that sucker fly and behold the lane opponent's death.

Do Not
    Randomly use your ultimate just willy nilly and whenever you want not caring about the health of your opponent
    Use the 3 and 1 as a lane clear if your mana is too low, preserve it for escapes and hit minions with auto attacks

The Basics (Conquest)

To really play Neith, what you want to do is land her 1, which is the root. Use this to constantly poke and harass enemies from a distance. You can follow this up with your 2 to regain any missing health or just for additional damage, however using both of these consecutively dries up your mana so use is cautiously and only when you know you can hit it off and have an advantage. Now as far as your 3 goes, you need to use it for either clearing a lane via 3+1 directly on top of a minion wave, or saving it always just as an escape if you know you are being ganked often, or if one is on the way. Her 3 gets you quite a nice distance away and from there if you are fast enough you can turn and face the direction of her flip, and continue to run away and use the nice speed burst you should have bought in the beginning. This effectively saves you from most ganks, most of the time. When you have your ultimate, I CANNOT stress this ENOUGH! it is purely a finisher, or providing an escape for an ally that you know will escape if you use it, there are no other options. To get a kill off with it, make sure the circle entirely goes around, as this will make sure you have maximum damage, and if your opponent has more than 2 bars of health, you will not get a kill so you better be able to high-tail it and smack them with a 1 and secure that kill.

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Feldrawn | June 20, 2014 12:01pm

Transcendence (on neith at max level it gives 96.8 phys power if you don't build any other sort of mana) gives more base damage than Heartseeker (75 phys power). I do understand that Heartseeker gives some movement speed which is helpful for boxing though so it's preference I guess. Transcendence is a safer choice because they are permanent stacks though and it will solve any mana problems you have.

Yes, I had taken that into account, and you already mentioned this as well, but I do like the speed boost it offers because as an ADC, its always nice to get to places fast, shoot them up fast, and get out fast. I Thank You for your comment!
Devampi (90) | June 20, 2014 12:16am

3. BBCoding. This isn't necessary, but if you want people to fully read through your build make it eye catching, make them want to read it. There is a good guide for it here:

Uhm it isn't necessary. Well Some bbcoding (doubble brackets) are necessary for items or skills because some new players won't know what to do.

Also I like neith 2 over her 1 because of the sustain. her 1 is more a poke but you can poke with your 2 and yes 3 is the last lvled.
Kalafalafakah (3) | June 19, 2014 2:58pm
Transcendence (on neith at max level it gives 96.8 phys power if you don't build any other sort of mana) gives more base damage than Heartseeker (75 phys power). I do understand that Heartseeker gives some movement speed which is helpful for boxing though so it's preference I guess. Transcendence is a safer choice because they are permanent stacks though and it will solve any mana problems you have.
Feldrawn | June 19, 2014 1:25am
Thanks for the input! I do understand people feel it Necessary to build heartseeker first before the boots, along with death's toll, but I find that it is far more effective to have the boots as a stable baseline damage and then adding the heartseeker on top of it to make a nice piercing damage that cannot be just stacked away by armor not to mention I prefer having a little bit of movement speed to give me and edge over chasing down lane opponents, so I do not have to waste my 3 to chase them down, or be forced to let them go. Thought it is very valid to go heartseeker and death's toll I guess it is all in your preferred playstyle, but hey thats just me!

I think med comes in handy because even if you do get teleport to tower, you still have to take the time to recall and wait for the mana recharge, meanwhile you can lose any lane pressure that you have built up. That and you might never get the pressure back, as I have had done to me before. But I still thank you for pointing out flaws! I only get the beads if I know I'm going to use them, and if not, I go for med. But if there is a ymir, or and CC heavy god, Yes I go for beads.

As far as BBCoding, I stated I am new to this, lol. I maybe posted this... a few hours ago? but I will definitely try to go back and edit it to make it more eye-catching!
Covertactician (4) | June 19, 2014 1:07am
Hello Feldrawn, after looking through your guide I'd like to say some things.

1. Meditation is BAD and always will be on most gods. You can pick up sprint and med. Or you could pick up sprint and beads, beads allowing you to cancel any cc when you are in a bad spot (or get cooldowns). Med just takes up a active slot which could be better used. Heck, if you are running out of mana so quick get teleport to towers. That has more use than med does.

2. Heartseeker as you said does get you more power then gauntlet and I have no complaints if you prefer it over gauntlet. But, if you are going to get heartseeker you are better off rushing it early, and not get boots first. I'd say your start should be Deaths Toll, Rank 1 Heartseeker and 1 HP pot. That's a typical start if you are going for heartseeker. Also remember that heartseeker relies on you not dying, another reason why getting Beads over med would be better.

3. BBCoding. This isn't necessary, but if you want people to fully read through your build make it eye catching, make them want to read it. There is a good guide for it here:
Feldrawn | June 18, 2014 6:09pm
Sorry, go to the bottom and read up, this is my first guide and I had no clue it would do this, haha. Sorry for the inconvenience
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Neith, The Infuriating Exotic Sniper
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