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Headhunter Kali - Jungle Build - [In-Depth] (updated)

February 15, 2016 by Zerfall
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Build 1
Build 2
Build 3

Headhunter Kali - Jungle Build

Smite God: Kali

Item Purchase Order

My Usuall Build (Start heartseeker or gauntlet)

Build Item Bumba's Mask
Build Item Hand Of The Gods (Old)
Build Item Hand Of The Gods (Old)
Build Item Healing Potion
Build Item Healing Potion
Build Item Devourer's Gauntlet
Build Item Devourer's Gauntlet
Build Item Devourer's Gauntlet
Build Item Warrior Tabi
Build Item Ichaival
Build Item Ichaival
Build Item Ichaival
Build Item Deathbringer
Build Item Deathbringer
Build Item Deathbringer
Build Item The Executioner
Build Item The Executioner
Build Item The Executioner
Build Item Malice
Build Item Malice

Spells and pots

Build Item Greater Sprint Build Item Fist of the Gods Build Item Potion of Physical Might Build Item Elixir of Power

Optional More aggresive start

Build Item Heartseeker

Optional Damage (replace Executioner and/or Malice)

Build Item Rage Build Item Witchblade Build Item Jotunn's Wrath Build Item Titan's Bane

OPTIONAL DEFENCE (REPLACE Executioner and/or Malice)

Build Item Magi's Cloak Build Item Hide of the Nemean Lion

Good game take last / regular or bad game take after Ichaival

Build Item Asi

God Skill Order

Nimble Strike

Nimble Strike 4 15 16 18 19 key bind


Lash 1 3 6 7 10 key bind


Incense 2 8 11 12 14 key bind


Destruction 5 9 13 17 20 key bind

Headhunter Kali - Jungle Build - [In-Depth] (updated)

February 15, 2016


- Hello everyone this will be my first guide here on smitefire. Im Draintrain Aka Zerfall and I play kali since I started Smite. I'm not going to say that im a pro with kali and this is my own build I think is the best for Kali and a tried a few. I will try more builds in the future and if required update/change this guide.

- Kali is a high burst melee Physical God and with high burst I really mean high burst. Kali is the first god I got a penta with so far.

- The build above is also my choice of order if you like it in another order feel free to say or just do. My build is also pretty glass canon so feel free to change 1 item with a defensive item if needed (Item you change best when you take 1 other item is Witch Stone.

- My goal is to have the best Kali Build on SmiteFire!!!

- I don't have the best English so excuse me if I make some mistakes.

- Feel free to add me in game and ask some questions about kali or maybe other gods. IGN: draintrain!


HP = Hitpoints/health

Pen = Physical penetration

Lifesteal = Physical Lifesteal

Attack Damage = Physical Damage

Armor = Physical Protection

Crit = Critical Strike Chance

Pros / Cons


- High Burst.

- High Sustain.

- Can't die when using ult.

- Alot of AoE Damage.

- Gap Closer.



- Squishy.

- Gets focused alot in teamfights.

- Mana hungry early game.

- Team dependent early game.


---> Passive

A random enemy god is selected as Kali's Death Mark. Kali gains a physical penetration bonus against that god, and if she lands the killing blow, she heals for 80% of her maximum health and recieves a +25% gold bonus. A new Death Mark is selected any time her current target dies, or if Kali dies it is set to whoever last hit her.

---> ability 1

Kali leaps forward, damaging enemies in the target area and healing herself for a percent of missing health from the most injured enemy hit.

Cost: 70 mana

Cooldown: 12 sec

---> ability 2

Kali throws several blades, that converge upon the target location. Each does damage and causes bleed. Kali gains physical lifesteal against targets affected by this bleed.

Cost: Cost: 60 / 65 / 70 / 75 / 80 mana

Cooldown: 15 / 14 / 13 / 12 / 11 sec

---> ability 3

KKali hurls her incense at her feet, exploding it. Enemies hit are stunned, while Kali gains a physical power bonus.

Cost: 70 mana

Cooldown: 18 sec

---> Ultimate

Kali becomes an unstoppable force of destruction, creating a damage aura around her. During this time, she can be reduced to 1 health, but cannot die. She is immune to knockup, slow effects and protected from root, but still vulnerable to stuns.

Cost: 60 / 70 / 80 / 90 / 100 mana

Cooldown: 90 sec


Before you gank: let your teammates know who your mark is. Kali is not only an assassin, she is also a melee carry, and the kill shouldn't always be given to the other carry.

If you can, do not initiate with Nimble Strike, unless the target has already used their escape skill. Instead, walk behind the target and use Incense, before hitting with a few basic attacks if you have The Executioner, then using Lash. If you have Qin's Sais, just use Lash, before basic attacking.

If or when the enemy uses an escape, chase with Nimble Strike, then finish them off with either blood lash or some more basic attacks. With your ultimate, you could even chase them into the tower, but only if they are your mark.

For more elusive targets, consider getting Fist of the Gods, which is essentially another Incense.

Tips and Tricks

WHEN TO GANK kali is strong mid and late game jungler so I would recommend to not fight enemy junglers 1v1 it's a waste of time and you're probably gonna lose it anyway so try to avoid it. Also try to gank only where needed no usless ganks, try to level ASAP. Kali is also very team dependend early game so keep that in mind.

KALI JUMP Ganking with kali is very easy but alot of ppl do it wrong. Like people go gank a lane and they insta jump to the target, well you should check the situation first. Will he see me or not, if he saw you you should obv jump and stun to kill him or give your team a chance to get closer. If he didn't see you just walk to him first and attack because most gods in smite have gap closers so if you jump to them they will just charge or jump away and you can't do anything about it!

KALI STUN Same with the stun don't use it right away try to land as many auto's as you can before stunning to max your damage on the target!


Main items

- Good jungle Item Gives you 10% HP after every jungle camp and gives full money of the camp when allies are close.

- First item it is a very strong item gives 75 physical power BUT it's a risk to take it you lose half the stacks when you die. They also nerfed the speed from 10% to 8% but I still think it is a good choice.

- Also good to start together with Gives movement speed little pen, attack speed and attack damage.

- This is the item i like the most together with this is a powerfull combo I like the new version better because of the 10% extra crit all the time and no proc stuff.

- I don't have to say anything more about this item. This item makes even better now your crits will be HUGE around 500-800 and with those crits your lifesteal will also be HUGE!!

- Got this item instead of Qin's because it gives the same attack damage, 15% more attack speed, some pen and costs only 1700 compared to 3050 Qin's. You lose the 4% damage from Qin's but you can always pick one up later in the game or replace if you feel the need to.

Best lifesteal item for kali due to its passive and kali ult gives you 40% lifesteal for 5 seconds! I take it last if my game is going well and if my game is going normall or bad I take it after Qin's.

Optional Items

- Alot of the comments below say bad things about this item. I just wanted to say that I only recommend using this item in arena AND this is also a item I prefer that's why I did put it in the optional part of the items!!!

- Also a good item for kali due the HP, attack damage but most important the slow. very powerfull on kali because you are really fast and then slow your enemies makes it almost impossible to escape.

- Replace with gives the same movement speed and gives 20-75 attack damage but you lose 30% attack speed.

- Goes very well with Kali's passive. Gives attack speed, Lifesteal and HP so everything you need for more sustain.

- with Kali being up close and its newly updated stats, would make an excellent last item. The passive works well on her. Take as last item (optional). Gives more movement speed. Just an item to get some more sustain at the end of the game and great vs other physical carries!!!

- A very good early game armor pen Item also an decent ammount of attack speed and Attack damage so a good early game item.

- Powerfull item early game due to its 25% Cooldown Reduction gives some mana little armor pen and attack damage.

- This is a very good item to me, gives 33% pen little attack damage but it's all about the pen. This will help you do more damage on people who build armor. To be honest you will be do more damage on everyone even if they don't build armor. Every god has a little armor and you wil just pen it all!!!

- Great item overal killing them faster the lower their HP, with this item you can hit hard on tanks No lifesteal anymore :( still makes you an early game killing machine.




Regular Actives

- This is an item you can also easily replace I take this because it's pretty strong on kali but 50% or more of the games you will need some beads or aegis.

- Pretty standerd to start jungle and later can be used in combo with to get a double stun and make it almost impossible to escape the wrath of kali!!!

Optional Actives

- This is a great active to get when you have a bad game or enemies always get away with 10% hp you can finish them off. I recommend to use it on your target (passive) to get full HP and maybe turn the fight around or obv to escape when needed.

- No need to explain, when they have alot of cc or ult's you need to get out (hades, ares, fenrir...) this is the pick.

- Same as beads just thisone is for burst, when they have picks like he bo, poseidon... this is the pick.

- I didnt bought it alot so far but im putting it in here because it's a very great item on kali in teamfights gives attack speed movement speed and lifesteal for the cost of more dmg taken but when you use it in combination with ult and passive it can be very rewarding.

- This is usually an item the tank/support will take but you never know. Great for hunting down faster enemies or can be defensive to get their attackspeed/lifesteal down.

Jungling (Update COMING SOON)

Start the jungle always on the side with your solo laner depending on what side you are on start at speed buff or at mid camp. Speed buff if you start at the bottom and and mid camp if you start at the top. After do blue for your solo laner and clear 1-2 minion waves on his lane. Start doing the 2 harpy camps. Most important in the jungle phase is dominate the mid camps, always try to take them or have your mid take them. Start ganking do not waste any time and try to get a rotation going on while jungling keep an eye on the time when camps are going to respawn!!

Red Buff - Provides a 20% boost to physical and magical power. It also provides +5 Physical power and +10 Magical Power. It lasts for 2 minutes.

Blue Buff - Provides +7 Mana/Sec and a 15% Cooldown Reduction for the 2 minute duration.

Orange Buff - Provides +20% Movement speed and +10% Attack speed for 2 minutes.

Fury Camps - These camps are dotted around the map and provide experience and gold upon their death. They are weaker then the monsters that hold buffs.

Gold Fury - Gold Fury is a single, powerful Fury found in the middle of the map. Killing her rewards your entire team with 300 Gold.

Fire Giant - Fire Giant is found in the middle of the map in is own magma cave. Killing him rewards your entire team with a buff. The buff gives +100 Magical Power, +70 Physical power and regenerates 3% of your total Hp and MP every 5 seconds. Fire Giant buff lasts for 4 minutes.

White buff is outdated and now merged into blue buff.


I hope My kali build will help you further. Please leave a comment good or bad i don't care but not to bad :(. I will update this guide as soon and as much as possible. Hope you enjoyed!! AND DON'T FORGET TO RATE!!!


August 15th

Changed the explanation of Bumba's mask in list items. Error found by: Emnity.

August 16th

Added optional items and spells/Flasks.
August 18th

Made some little changes to the item order and added to Optional Damage items .
August 25th

Removed white buff. Error found by: RazeMage.
Added Arena build and chapter.
Added Video to Jungle chapter.
August 26th

Added photos
Added Skill order chapter.
August 27th

Added photos to Skill chapter.
August 28th

Added more items to item chapter.
August 29th

Added photos and made the build a little bit more attractive.
August 31th

Added mid build + chapter(Basics).
december 12th

Deleted skill rotation chapter.
Reworked the attacks in skill chapter (pictures COMING SOON).
December 13th

Deleted lore chapter.
December 17th

Changed build a little bit due to update.
December 24th

Changed item in core jungle build.
Added jungle chapter.
January 3th

Added pictures.
January 5th

Made part of How to Jungle Kali chapter.
January 11th

Changed how to jungle kali section to tips and tricks.
Deleted wall of text in jungle section.
January 17th

Added Ganking chapter. Thanks to subzero008
January 26th

Changed arena build.
May 27th

Changed witch stone to Witchblade.
July 26th

Minor updates

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