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Fear The Dishwasher - Joust S7

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Smite God: Kuzenbo

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Build Item Defender's Blessing Defender's Blessing
Build Item Shoes Shoes
Build Item Healing Potion Healing Potion
Build Item Mana Potion Mana Potion


Build Item Shoes of Focus Shoes of Focus
Build Item Gauntlet of Thebes Gauntlet of Thebes
Build Item Void Stone Void Stone

Full Build

Build Item Gem of Isolation Gem of Isolation
Build Item Shoes of Focus Shoes of Focus
Build Item Gauntlet of Thebes Gauntlet of Thebes
Build Item Void Stone Void Stone
Build Item Hide of the Nemean Lion Hide of the Nemean Lion
Build Item Pridwen Pridwen

Alternative Items

Build Item Shogun's Kusari Shogun's Kusari
Build Item Spirit Robe Spirit Robe
Build Item Oni Hunter's Garb Oni Hunter's Garb
Build Item Contagion Contagion
Build Item Breastplate of Valor Breastplate of Valor
Build Item Ethereal Staff Ethereal Staff

Kuzenbo's Skill Order

Nene Kappa

Nene Kappa

1 X
1 4 6 7 10
Shell Spikes

Shell Spikes

2 A
2 8 11 12 14
Sumo Slam

Sumo Slam

3 B
3 9 15 16 18
Watery Grave

Watery Grave

4 Y
5 13 17 19 20


Welcome to my guide for Kuzenbo, King of the Kappas. He is super fun to play, and easy for new players to learn on. His kit allows him to be easily one of the best bruisers in the game, holding up extremely well due to his tankiness, while also getting off plenty of damage. Where I found he shines the most is in Joust, where he has a menacing presence in lane. Feel free to use this guide and change it up for other gamemodes.

Pros / Cons

High Defense
Hard CC w/ Sumo Slam
Shell Spikes can be used nearly anytime
Nene Kappa has excellent peel and kill potential
Sumo Slam can cancel abilities
Bouncing your Nene increases its range
Your ult is a great initiator and has CC immunity


You lose protection if hit with hard CC (e.g. knockups, silences, cripples)
Your Nene will attack the nearest objective indiscriminately
CC immunity makes Sumo Slam less effective
Your ult is short and can be dodged


Your basic combos:

Nene Kappa -> Spiked Shells: The damage you take with your 2 reduces the cooldown of your 1, enough said

Sumo Slam -> Nene Kappa: Allows for good peel and initiation, harassing the enemy into a corner

Sumo Slam -> Watery Grave: Amazing tool for team fights, pin down your target and then pop your ult and watch the whole team go flying around the dishwasher


Shoes of Focus - There is really no reason you shouldn't be buying anything but these, the extra cooldown and mana is a HUGE plus when it comes to Kuzenbo or any other guardian

Gauntlet of Thebes - This is your bread and butter, this will allow you to cultivate a pool of health early game, while giving you and your team a good boost of protections once it evolves. This will allow Kuzenbo to stay in the fight way longer than w/o it.

Void Stone - Another essential piece to your build, a quintessential bruiser item for guardians. Void Stone enables your aggressive playstyle that Kuzenbo is built for, the aura effect helps you and your team when up close and personal.

Hide of the Nemean Lion - This shouldn't require explanation, reflects basic attack damage and stacks with your 2, pick this up and the ADC will fear you.

Pridwen - This is another nearly essential item, it gives you extra cooldown on your entire kit, in addition to some beefy protections. Pridwen's passive is also a huge boost for Kuzenbo, you can pop your ult in a teamfight, and chase them down with your explosive shield, which also happens to slow enemies.


Overall, Kuzenbo is a troll at heart. While he is significantly underrated in the current meta, is a great pick for anyone who loves a bruiser guardian. If you want to make the other team mad online, then you should pick him up as another god in your collection.

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Devampi (95) | April 24, 2020 12:27am
Honestly I am wondering about the effectiveness of defenders blessing compared to Warrior's Blessing or Guardian's Blessing
xmysterionz (58) | April 23, 2020 3:00pm
Hi ThatGuyWithPaste,

LMAO I loved your title. Very creative.

About your items, I'd suggest you remove Gem of Isolation because this item is almost useless on gods without tick damage abilities. Build Ethereal Staff instead.
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Fear The Dishwasher - Joust S7
8 Votes
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