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SMITEFire Ironman 2022!

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Permalink | Quote | +Rep by Hades4u » June 20, 2022 1:32am | Report

Welcome everyone to the second iteration of the SMITEFire Ironman, our most ambitious community event! 🔥

For the next month all SMITE players will have the chance to test their gaming endurance and skills to compete for a prestigious award and the chance to win $1,000 USD cash! Don't feel intimidated and check out the details below!

Note: The Ironman has begun! Keep track of all the participants here and remember to join us on Discord!

Wait! Can Anyone Win The $1,000 USD Cash Prize?

That's right. Anyone that successfully completes the Ironman can be randomly drawn to win $1,000 USD! In addition, everyone will receive a prestigious award to display on their SMITEFire profiles and in our Ironman Hall of Fame. Show off your achievement to the world, you've earned it! 🏆

Cool! How Will The Ironman Work?

The Ironman will begin on the 4th of July and will end on the 31st of July.

Participants will have to win 1 match every weekday (Monday - Friday), meaning a total of 20 matches.

The weekends (Saturday - Sunday) can be used to recover up to 2 matches that were missed during their corresponding week.

Eligible game modes are Arena, Joust, Ranked Joust, Conquest, Ranked Conquest and Slash.

Every week will have a different objective that participants must fulfill:
  • Week 1 (4th - 10th July) - Win as a different Mayan God every day, and have at least 10 kills plus assists in every match

  • Week 2 (11th - 17th July) - Win as a different Ranged God every day, and have at least 18,000 gold in every match

  • Week 3 (18th - 24th July) - Win as a different Guardian God every day, without getting killed more than once

  • Week 4 (25th - 31th July) - Win as a different God every day and have the most kills, assists or gold out of all the players in the match

Looks Easy! Can We Increase The Difficulty?

Multiple fierce participants of last year's Ironman thought the challenges are too easy to complete. If that remains the case this year, all players now have the ability to increase the Ironman's difficulty and be rewarded with a higher chance of winning the cash prize!

Beat all of our challenges in Ranked Joust or Ranked Conquest to double your chances of winning the cash prize of $1,000 USD!

Sounds Good! How Will The Matches Be Tracked?

Participants will have to track the matches on their own. We will recommend different methods to do so, but everyone is free to track their matches in their own way, as long as it's easy for us to verify the matches every week.

Suggested methods of tracking your matches:

No matter what method you choose, you must reply to this thread with a link (in case of using Google Spreadsheets or other external websites) or with the matches directly (in case of using the BBCode template or forum tracking).

It's important to keep track of your matches correctly and make sure that we can easily verify every match with their corresponding day. We recommend filling in the Match ID as soon as the match is over to easily keep track and make sure that no day is missed.

The matches will be checked every two weekdays by the admins to make sure there are no mistakes and to inform participants if any changes must be made. To make both our lives and your experience better, please make sure that the 5 weekly matches will be ready to be verified every Monday, Wednesday and Friday!

Everyone's progress will be publicly tracked by the admins in this spreadsheet. In case any mistakes are made by the participants, a comment will be added to their row in the spreadsheet and they'll also be contacted via Discord.

❓❗ Remember ❗❓
Admins will always be available both on the forums and on Discord to help. Please don't hesitate to ask questions whenever anything is unclear, we know there's a lot to process and we want to make sure everyone has the chance to participate and enjoy the event!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I play on my smurf account or in party with smurfs?
A: No. You and the players in your party must use your main accounts for the matches to be eligible. We reserve the right to disqualify any participants that we suspect of smurfing.

Q: Can I change accounts while participating?
A: No. All matches must be played on the same account. If you lose your account or it gets banned, sadly you can no longer participate.

Q: Can I participate multiple times in the Ironman?
A: No. Everyone is allowed to have only one SMITEFire account, meaning they can only participate once. You can increase your odds of winning by completing all the 20 matches in Ranked Joust or Ranked Conquest.

Q: Do matches where the enemies surrender count?
A: Yes. Good job on the stomp!

Q: Can I pick a God that I've previously won with?
A: No. You must pick a different God for every Ironman match. In total you must win with 20 different Gods in order to complete the Ironman.

Q: Can I update my matches once every week or submit them all in the final day?
A: Yes. However, admins won't be able to check your matches as effectively and inform you of mistakes in a timely manner.

Q: Am I out of the Ironman if I miss a match without recovering it?
A: Yes, unfortunately. You can miss two matches during the week and recover them in the weekend.

Q: Do I have to complete all the 20 days to become an Ironman?
A: Yes. You have to win 20 matches throughout July and meet all of our requirements to be eligible to win $1,000 USD and be part of our Hall of Fame.

Q: Can I recover missed matches in the weekend of another week?
A: No. You can only recover the missed matches in that week's corresponding weekend (e.g. you can recover missed matches from week 1 only on July 9th and 10th).

Q: What happens if I start the match before midnight and it ends on the next day?
A: The match will count for the next day (e.g. you start on the 5th at 11:50 PM and the match ends at 00:10 AM, the match counts for the 6th).

Q: Can I recover the two matches in the weekend on the same day?
A: Yes. You can recover both matches either on Saturday or Sunday, or one match each day. It's up to you!

Q: Do I really have to join the Discord server?
A: It's not mandatory but it makes everyone's lives easier. We can contact you quickly in case there's something wrong with your matches, and you can also ask us questions at any time and receive answers faster.

Q: Can players from any region participate?
A: Yes. All you have to do is properly track your matches following the instructions above, and to mention what time zone you're playing in.

Q: Does time zone matter?
A: Yes. Please specify your time zone in your registration method (bbcode template, Google spreadsheets, etc.). We check the matches in-game and the time displayed by the client is our local time, so for people that are not in our time zone, we have to calculate if they played the match during the correct day.

Q: How is the cash prize winner picked?
A: When the Ironman is finally over, we will be performing a final check to make sure we've correctly verified everyone's matches. All the participants that managed to successfully play and win all the 20 matches will be added to our Hall of Fame, together with all the Gods they've played throughout the Ironman. A Discord bot will be used to fairly draw a random number in order to pick the cash winner out of all the eligible Ironmen.

Q: How is the prize delivered?
A: The cash prize will be paid by bank, PayPal or Amazon Gift Cards. It's the winner's choice!

Thank you everyone for taking part in our Ironman event and we're excited to hear your thoughts! 😊
<Community Manager>

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Permalink | Quote | +Rep by Carolinnaz » June 20, 2022 2:27am | Report
Good Luck for all ! :3


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Permalink | Quote | +Rep by JoyWolffe » June 20, 2022 2:54am | Report
Here we go again.


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Permalink | Quote | +Rep by sebwar » June 20, 2022 6:22am | Report


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Permalink | Quote | +Rep by CambridgeRe » June 20, 2022 6:33am | Report


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Permalink | Quote | +Rep by gavinwintour » June 20, 2022 7:09am | Report
I am sorry, everyone but I am deciding not to participate anymore in this challenge. I’ve been trying to practice for this Ironman event, even playing Conquest, and it was my first time playing Jungle in Conquest. I literally did not know what I was doing. I really don’t know how to play Conquest too well. And I’ve had players harassing me, saying stuff like “Wtf are you doing?” & “What is this trash?” “Report him”. SMITE has the most toxic *** community I’ve ever encountered, discouraging me from playing at all. I see just why my best friend chose not to play this game ever again even after being unfairly banned by Hi-Rez on his old Xbox account. The players are just so rude. But good luck to everyone participating


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Permalink | Quote | +Rep by Pwuntahs » June 20, 2022 8:41am | Report
Time for round 2


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Permalink | Quote | +Rep by Branmuffin17 » June 20, 2022 8:46am | Report
Good luck to everyone! If you have any questions on the rules, please let us know.

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Permalink | Quote | +Rep by hankymcspanky23 » June 20, 2022 8:54am | Report
let's go


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