April 18, 2017

My personal 1Y achievement

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Hello friends & randoms reading this. As you may know, I never do blogs or the like. This time, however, I am creating one, for this not very special moment in my SmiteFire "career", so to say, which is a... well, I guess you could call it my "Baby member achievement - Be an active SmiteFire member for 1 full year." I'm making this blog for this because of 2 reasons.

The first one is that... well, everyone does it, and spending 1 year with a community does something to a man.
The second is because if I didn't, and ThePerfectPrism would have found out that I didn't make this, he probably would be disappointed again. Just like that time, aka 4 months ago, when I didn't make a blog about my bday. I don't want to disappoint that perfect Prism, because he's a really cool guy and has been an amazing friend to me over the course of past year or so.

Now, over this past year on this website I've done a couple remarkable things:
- I made a few bad guides.
- I won that contest 3 months ago, which I'm still grateful and happy about. I finally won something!
- I met some amazing people here.
- I made new friends. Also some really amazing friends, like Prism, who've stuck with me through a long time now already, even though I'm a piece of ----.
- I have slightly improved in playing SMITE.
- I touched Ranked for the first time. Legit, no joke, I did. 2 matches. First was duel, as I wanted to pick Joust but I accidentally picked Duel, and I got my *** kicked. Second was a Joust, which I won, surprisingly. I tried ranked because I saw you could get rewards from it. I gave up on those after those 2 games though, so screw those rewards.

Okay, that'll be the end of my not so very important blog. You know it's important when I make a blog about it. Man, a year already, time flies...

So yes, as a TL;DR - I have been a member of this website for a full year now, and I'm quite happy that I can say that. I hope that there's many more to come, but I guess only time will tell.

Your boy, Zero.