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xZeroStrike's Blog
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March 21, 2020
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Hey everyone! It's me. That guy.

I'm back in SMITE for round 3! I mean that this is my third "returning"... ahem... THE RETURNING OF THE ALMIGHTY Z!

Jokes aside though, I'm wanting to play Conquest, but out of fear that all my lovely babies have been made irrelevant, I need help. I would like to know which gods are mostly relevant in S7, and if much has changed since S6.

Is my dearest Artemis okay? What about sidebae Sol? Beachchef Vulcan?

I checked the... "community" guide for Artemis already and saw not much changed for her buildwise? Is that right? (That'd be greaaaaat!)

Don't know how long I'll be sticking around. That'll mostly depend on how the people behave in this game.

I probably suck now too, it's been a long time since I've played. I wish SMITE had a "you're a baby" mode I could play. .-.

Anyhows, please help a fellow out, yes, you wise SMITE lords? And... Lord...esses?

Also, how have you all been?!


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April 18, 2017

My personal 1Y achievement

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#ForPrism  |  Achievement  |  cake  |  party
Hello friends & randoms reading this. As you may know, I never do blogs or the like. This time, however, I am creating one, for this not very special moment in my SmiteFire "career", so to say, which is a... well, I guess you could call it my "Baby member achievement - Be an active SmiteFire member for 1 full year." I'm making this blog for this because of 2 reasons.

The first one is that... well, everyone does it, and spending 1 year with a community does something to a man.
The second is because if I didn't, and ThePerfectPrism would have found out that I didn't make this, he probably would be disappointed again. Just like that time, aka 4 months ago, when I didn't make a blog about my bday. I don't want to disappoint that perfect Prism, because he's a really cool guy and has been an amazing friend to me over the course of past year or so.

Now, over this past year on this website I've done a couple remarkable things:
- I made a few bad guides.
- I won that contest 3 months ago, wh…
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