February 08, 2018

Been Awhile

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Yes. It is I, Stuke, and I'm not dead (yet). If you've haven't noticed, I haven't done anything on this site for a good while. That's because I just started my second semester at my four-year college three weeks ago and I'm still juggling my part-time job while "trying" to keep my stuff updated and try out the new season. I will try to get myself pulled back together and quit drinking bleach go back to making guides about the gods I care about in this game. Like before, I can't be here all the time because school is taking priority over everything else right now and the free time I do have is dedicated to other things like smite as well as getting around to shows I want to watch or re watch for the third or fourth time around (FMA:B).

Like I said, I will try my damndest to make decent guides and teach people how to play certain gods but if i don't post too often, I'm either buckled down in my school work or furiously beating off and playing vidya games to work on my stuff. Hope everyone can understand why I've practically went off the grid and will try to reclaim my place as a somewhat noticeable guide maker.

See you next time, Stuke