October 04, 2017

Love for Fighting Games

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I know you guys probably know quite a bit about me through the time I been here. There's one thing you guys / gals don't know about me. I love fighting games when I mean love them I mean it. I been playing fighting games since I was 7 on the PS2 my first fighting game is actually DOA2. After playing that game I fell in love with the genre. My love started to go crazy when the 360 came along. There I played MvC:2, Injustice, Street Fighter 4, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, and MK9. Now on current gen I'm playing quite bit of fighting games. Killer Instinct I fell in love for. I also played Injustice 2, DOA5, MvC:3, MKX, and now playing MvC:I. Out of all these games I played I have to say the I'm probably best at is KI. The tutorial in that game is so good is claimed as the best tutorial in fighting game history. So I just wanted to share that I really love fighting games and I can't wait for the next DLC for MvC:I.