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KingKatura's Blog
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May 14, 2022

Jade Dragon Build Updated v1.0

Views: 763 KingKatura
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build  |  general  |  jade emperor  |  joust  |  kingkatura  |  mid  |  updated
First i would like to thank Branmuffin17 for his input, as we seem to think similarly.

The Jade Dragon 1.0 Build Update:

-Fixed some bugs that got rid of skill trees
-Added 2 Gem Of Focus Builds with the help of BranMuffin17 (The Great Jade Staff! & Great Rod Of Jade!)
-Added new alternate Mid build (Daoist Loner!)
-Added solo & Joust Build.

Complete List of all builds that's part of The Jade Dragon Build: (*Key:* SF:Smite-Fire SG:Smite-Guru SS: Smite Source; Note: (SS) does not have Joust build conquest only.)

(SF) Jade Dragon 1.0!

(SG) Jade Dragon 1.0!

(SS) Jade Dragon Mid 40% Crit!

(SS) Jade Dragon Solo Build!

(SS) The Great Jade Staff! (BranMuffin17)

(SS) The Great Rod Of Jade! (Branmuffin17)

(SS) Daoist Loner! (Alt Mid)

These are the builds i made so far, with Patch 9.5 coming up i'm sure i will have lots of editing to do. If you enjoy any of these Builds or they help you, Please leave
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April 20, 2022

Jade Emperor Build Up.

Views: 1133 KingKatura
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 |  build  |  general  |  jade emperor  |  joust  |  kingkatura  |  mid
I'm a American Indian U.S. Army Veteran, I've played just about every game, and right now I'm focusing on Xbox, I am a Xbox Ambassador. Well I'm usualy one to get straight to the point, my pc is still down but I've been using xbox. During the builds being down during the beginning of the "league" when all the builds where down I decided to make some but some things happened and by the time I went to release them it was pretty much not worth the effort. After all if I'm not doing something new than why add to what's already there? So Now The Jade Emperor is released and i made a build while everyone was doing whatever, I plan to add to it in multiple directions but so far, i only got 2 Mid crit, and joust both ranked. The links will be below on both smite fire and guru. :

I don't only stream smite although i have been playing since the alpha phase and honestly knew it would change mo…
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