December 06, 2018

Gifting Shenanigans

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What are your thoughts on the player gifting system that's coming in 5.23?

In case you don't keep up on Smite News, it was announced when 5.22 patch notes dropped, and i'm pretty sure it was supposed to go live with 5.22 but got pushed back to 5.23.

Also, its all random gifts, meaning you pick the category, ex. Skins, Voice Packs, Emotes etc. and the game will select and send a random gift to the player you chose. I'm pretty sure it's picking from what you currently have unlocked, its not like you roll a chest and it's sent to someone else..

I personally think this is a dumb way to do this. If I have a friend that really really likes the Dark Whisperer skin for Ah Muzen Cab, and he has Chompy Chibi for Fenrir, I want to be able to effectively trade those skins. Though technically you can, if you just gift over and over and over again until you're both happy.. But that sounds so tedious since I have like 140 skins or something and my buddy has close to or an equal number to that, that's a lot of luck to get what you want..

Anyways, I'm curious to see if anyone likes it better how they're proposing, or the more traditional way.

Also, in other unrelated news, I decided last night to stop going for mastery of every god after getting to like 68 or so mastered.. I'm finding that its making it difficult for me to enjoy the game having to switch up the god i'm playing so often.. Obviously this is only an issue now since I've played with all the gods and have a solid grasp on which gods I enjoy, and which ones I hate... Guan Yu *COUGH*

Anyone else stop trying to "catch em all"" and just focus on enjoying the game?