July 02, 2018

baron samedi balancing

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ok so new god baron samedi has been out on all platforms for a while now what do we need to do to balanced him.

i am trying to start a discussion so please comment your opinions on what he needs.

in my opinion i absolutely love the kit and god. most interesting release since Susanoo.

i think his damage scaling should be reduced on his 1 and 2, i think the one should have 45 percent scaling instead of 60%. the two damage should be downed to 50% and the percent heal should be 10% of your health instead of 15%.

i think the three is fine but let me know what you think.

the ult.......... the ult needs a duration nerf and a damage nerf 100%. i think the pull should deal half the damage it does and the burst does 30% scaling instead.

remember this is a conversation starter tell me what you think or what you disagree with.