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Vulcan Conquest Guide

May 3, 2017 by PointStarzz
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Conquest Build

Smite God: Vulcan

Item Purchase Order

Leaving Base

Build Item Soul Stone
Build Item Lost Artifact
Build Item Healing Potion
Build Item Mana Potion
Build Item Aegis Amulet


Build Item Doom Orb Build Item Shoes of the Magi Build Item Obsidian Shard Build Item Book of Thoth Build Item Rod of Tahuti Build Item Winged Blade

Alternate items ( read on items p/c)

Build Item Dynasty Plate Helm Build Item Chronos' Pendant Build Item Bancroft's Talon Build Item Divine Ruin Build Item Spear of Desolation

God Skill Order


Backfire 1 4 6 7 10 key bind

Inferno Cannon

Inferno Cannon 2 8 11 12 13 key bind

Magma Bomb

Magma Bomb 3 15 16 18 19 key bind


Earthshaker 5 9 14 17 20 key bind

Items Pros and Cons

Doom Orb This is a cheap early game item which gives you a good source of magical power when fully stacked. The down side of this item is if you aren't careful and die, this item isn't as good as you lose stacks.

Shoes of the Magi This is a good choice of boots as it gives pen to deal with early game protections. Also most mages take this item over shoes of focus anyway.

Obsidian Shard This item has good pen and more magical power isn't needed as doom orb is there to help boost your damage. The downside of this item is if there isn't any high magical protection items being bought on the enemy team and it may seem unnecessary at this stage of the game

Book of Thoth Thoth is a good item to get as it gets rid of Vulcans mana problems and gives you a large power spike even when not fully stacked.

Rod of Tahuti This item is were you will be doing what Vulcan does especially with the earthshaker. The downside of this item is that its very expensive.

Winged Blade This is a good item to have as it gives you cdr , move spd and hp to withdstand damage. However, your trading survivability for damage.

Items Alternatives

Dynasty Plate Helm This item would replace winged blade but would be built Before doom orb (This would mean you get Tahuti last item) to get the early protections and pen if you are afraid of dying or, the enemy jungler is being aggressive.

Chronos Pendant This item can replace any item in the build in the build of your choice but, I recommend replacing it with doom orb. The reason why I would do this is because with the cooldown reduction, you can spam abilities which you can match the 140 magical power you lose. I wouldn't recommend buying this second item , I would go straight to the book of thoth. You can also replace it with winged blade if your feeling risky.

Bancroft's Talon I would only get this item if you are ahead and would replace it with winged blade and buy it after doom orb, then following the build order. The reason of getting this when your ahead is because the lifesteal can keep you alive and the magical power is enough to scare your opponents. This replacing your extra hp is good for your passive and, your ahead so getting beaten up is no problem as you can ult with the extra power you get off of the passive.

Divine Ruin This item should only be chosen when the enemies have a large source of healing such as a Sylvanus or hel. You should also get it when facing a Hercules. I would recommend to replace obsidian shard as you don't want too much pen (boots + shard + ruin).

Spear of Desolation This item should replace obsidian shard and it is a nice cooldown item with a decent passive if your team is getting kills and your involved.

These alternative items are good for Vulcan in my opinion but you can put these items anywhere in the build.

Team Work

Using the magma bomb to knock up enemies is perfect for awilix to ult.

Using earthshaker is a good shepherding technique to stop enemies from going one way. This doesn't have to hit an enemy it only stops an escape route in team fights.

An obvious use of earthshaker is to ult on a group of enemies with a use of a Sylvanus ult or geb ult to make sure u hit all of them.

Mistakes that people make when using the ultimate is that they try to hit max range snipes however, ulting close to you can almost guarantee a hit and close range ultimates can hurt.

Vulcan is a team fight changer and can swing the fight onto your side. One ultimate can win the game but it is up to you to hit it.

Early Game

With the starting build I have provided, it gives you good push and poke potential. Try to get a pick on the enemy jungler or mid laner if they are caught out. However, you have little to nothing pots and have no boots so don't get caught out of position.

Soul stone at level one is a dream for Vulcan. After five stacks you can cast backfire for free and if you connect the poke then its bonus.

Your ultimate is quite powerful early game if ur against an immobile team. If they have no boots and no dash or escape, they will be unable to out run your ultimate and you can gank lanes easily but if u don't manage to get a kill, you will miss out on farm if the enemy is in lane.

Clearing buffs Early

Use your turret to tank damage as early creeps can hurt a lot !

when you clear the wave go straight to the back camps to get extra farm.

Mid Game

Mid game is when u look for objectives and ganks. if your ahead you will be pushing the most damage out with doom orb and can snowball the game.

If your behind try to be in every fight to swing the advantage on to your side with your devastating ult.

Late Game

Late Game is pretty much the same as mid. Take objectives while pushing / defending towers and push as much damage out as you can to take the fight as a win.

Try not to die as you will have to build doom orb back up and you can sell It if your behind to grab more power or defence.


When at the fire giant or gold fury, use your ultimate to steal and secure these objectives.

Use your turret to burn the oracles and portal demon while your team defends.


This section is basically going to what advantages you can exploit if u have a low, or
high sensitivity.

Backfire is good with a high sensitivity as you can poke someone and instantly 180 degrees turn and walk away without taking poke if u get them by surprise or if they aren't quick enough.

Turret is a decent idea when having a high sensitivity , when being chased, place your turret down towards them then turn around without the loss of some speed. Some people place it down in front of them so the enemy gets hit while they chase you.

Magma Bomb is good for low as wherever you hit an enemy with the bomb , lets say the centre, they will go straight up. If u hit it to the left they will go towards the right. With low, you can aim where you want the enemy to be launched. This is arguably good on high aswell.

Earthshaker is good on low as with quick sensitivity you can over shoot or under shoot which is due to a sharp, quick sensitivity. With low, you can perfectly aim your shot and frag them.

Obviously you cant have low and high and middle isn't really there as people say high is low and low is high. Everyone would say that a high sensitivity is different. The only reason I made this section is to make people aware what they can do with him but its obvious what I have said.

Mana Use

When in lane do not I mean do not use your turret at rank 1 as it is useless will be destroyed easily.
Only use it on xp camps to avoid damage.

To avoid being poked out and having to sit in tower, don't be afraid to backfire even if it hits nobody, you have no lifesteal and only one health potion. it is better to waste 40-60 mana than losing 300+hp.

If your against a sands of time mage that has a cheap clear like Thoth try to only clear with a soul stone backfire.


This has been my Vulcan guide I hope it helped some people. Its my first guide so it isn't perfect

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