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Unoutdamagable - A Hercules-Build

May 24, 2018 by Truncatus
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Smite God: Hercules

Item Purchase Order

?- I listed 7 Items on purpose. After you bought 6 Items, you can sell "Guardians Blessings" to replace it with "Shield of Regrowth"

- The two Relics are working great for me but they can be adjusted for your own playstyle. If you want to blink, go for it.^^

Build Item Guardian's Blessing
Build Item Breastplate of Valor
Build Item Reinforced Greaves
Build Item Sovereignty
Build Item Mantle of Discord
Build Item Stone of Gaia
Build Item Chalice of Healing
Build Item Meditation Cloak
Build Item Magic Shell

Replacement for "Guardians Blessing" after Item 6 is completed

Build Item Shield of Regrowth

God Skill Order

Driving Strike

Driving Strike 1 8 11 12 14 key bind


Earthbreaker 2 15 16 18 19 key bind

Mitigate Wounds

Mitigate Wounds 3 4 6 7 10 key bind


Excavate 5 9 13 17 20 key bind


Click the categories below to view threats.
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny


With her Block-Field and Stun-Combo she can stop you before you have a Chance to activate Hercs Skill 3 and deal a good amount of magical Damage.


If Herc is trapped in Odins Ult, he can not heal himself. So even with strong Defense, with enough magical power on his side Hercules will not last long.

Unoutdamagable - A Hercules-Build

May 24, 2018

Hello World

Disclaimer: I am a german dude, so please forgive me if my english is not the best. I will try to explain this build as good as I can and look forward to see your opinion on that.^^

Welcome to my first Build/Guide on Hercules. I play him quite a while now and have allready mastered him(Rang X). From time to time I improved this build and by the current Version I think that this build is so good, I want to share it with you.

As Hercules-User I love to go full tanky and with this build I found the perfect mix of
- Much Health
- High Physical Defense
- Good Magical Defense
- Great Movementspeed
- Perfect CDR
- Awesome HP5

Let us go to the Items:

Items: What and Why.

Item 1: Guardians Blessing
For the beginning of the match Startes-Items can be the Key for First Bloods for your team and the opponent one. As Tank who wants to be safe at the beginning and be very tanky at the end I recommend "Guardians Blessing". Net even it gives a nice amount of health and protection at the beginning, it even helps us gaining mana and health for killing Minions and also supplies you with extra Gold.

Potion-Slots: Chalise of Healing
As Starter it is pretty cheap so you can buy Heal Potions or even better the "Chalise of Healing". It is a bit expensive of course, but it is great in the long run because you want to heal your HP...FAST...ALL THE TIME. A good Regeneration is important to substain on the field all the time while your opponents have to retreat from time to time. I do not have any specific recommendation for the second potion-Slot. Sometimes I place wards and sometimes don`t. That is for you to decide.

Relict 1: Meditation
For myself I am the Casual-Guy and pick Meditation. The Heal-Effect sucks but in the Early game it can do much more. Not the mention the good refill of mana to stay with your team and vise versa even longer.

Item 2: Breastplate of Valor
We still have Start-Gold left so you can start buying "Breastplate of Valor". You know the drill. More Defense and look at the pretty CDR. As Herc I want to have my Abilities ready and more usable(Skill 3 is the Key for this Build". You want to use it a lot). So for the start we have a good defense, ways to regain Health and Mana and have a good CDR.

Item 3: Reinforced Greaves
But I know what you are thinking. I know. We are still slow as hell. It is finally time for the Boots, for speed, for mobility and dogding those pesky magical Splash-Areas. As boots you can pick anything. But for this build we still go tanky. "Reinforced Greaves" is the best answer. More Defense and CC-Immunity. We are now ready to rush into the enemy team and coming out alive. By the time you can say you are near level 10, so your Skill 3 is almost maxed out.

Item 4: Sovereignty
But think about it. As Tank you want to help your team too. I mean you could just go into the enemy lines, do you 2-1-Combo(Or how the Youtuber "Punk Duck" likes to call it: The Pluck and F*ck) and let your team feast on the Victim, but why not both?
Sovereingty is awesome. It boosts what this build needs and it helps your Team survive. More Durability for everyone. :D

Item 5: Mantle of Discord
Now we are very tanky and can go against mage...right. The thing is. Many physical Gods have good chances to hit you. Hunters, Assasins...they can deal much physical Damage. So having a good physical defense is important as a Tank. You want to survive. You want to stay. You want more time to act before you start panicing and fleeing. Mages on the other hand...do not get me wrong. There are many scary Mages out there and even burst-Tanks. They can do at least the same amount of damage. The thing is...in MY opinion (Feel free to disagree) many mages have attacks who can be dodged. Or can at least minimized to less damage. It works differently from Mage to Mage I know. But in my personal experience I doing very fine with less magical protection. But of course as a Tank getting hit by magical attacks is sadly not uncommon. So having at least one good magical Defense-Item should do the trick. "Mantle of Discord" is my answer. More physical Defense and CDR but also a great Boost for the magical Defense. The passive is great too because in dangerous Situations it gives you a safe backdoor to safety.

Item 6: Stone of Gaia
Of course Stone of Gaia. It is such a beautiful Piece of Boulder. More Health, more Regen of Health and Mana and its two Passives are great for more HP5.

Item 7: Shield of Regrowth
After everything is bought, you can sell Guardians Blessing and replace it with Shield of Regrowth. This gives you a bit of Health, Regeneration and CDR. The passive works great with Hercules Skill 3. You could say, the Item is designed for this skill.

Relict 2: Magic Shell
On Basic this Relict is nothing special. Everyone gets a small shield. Nice and can safe Lives, but nothing strong. With the Upgrade however it is very effective against Hunters and some Assassins. The enemy Loki wants to kill your weakened ally from behind? Good luck with that because it also can absorb up to 2 Basic-Attacks now. It is great to safe your Teammates that way.


A short Chapter.

It is not a big Secret that "Mitigate Wounds" is f*cking broken when using it at the right times. This Skill makes Hercules to one of the best Tanks in the game. So it is priority number one to bring it at max as fast as you can.

The others can be treated how you like. In my opinion Skill 2 is usefull to start the 2-1-Combo and so, I level it only once and thats it until lategame.

Well...thats about this Chapter.XD


At the End I want to give you all some Numbers.
Hercules at Level 20 with full Set, maxed Stacks and activated Passives/Items:

- 10 physical Attack.
85 physical Attack when Hercs own Passive is at max Stacks.
- 3225 Max Health.
- 268 physical Defense.
286 physical Defense When the Boots are at max Stacks.
336(325 is max) physical Defense while Skill 3 is active and the Boots are at max Stacks.
- 108 magical Defense.
126 magical Defense when the Boots are at max Stacks.
176 magical Defense while Skill 3 is active and the Boots are at max Stacks.
- 443 Movementspeed.
550 Movementspeed while Skill 3 is active thanks to Shield of Regrowth.
- 79,6 HP5
124,69 HP5 for 10 Seconds while Passive 1 of Stone of Gaia is activated.
48,38 HP5 while Stone of Gaia is equipped.
50 HP5 while Chalice of Healing is active.
In total you could have a HP5 of 302,67(60,53 HP per Second)
You would have a HP5 of at least 127,98(25,6 HP per Second) at all given time.
- 47,3 MP5
- 20% CCR
- 40% CDR

What I wanted to say by that...Hercules is unkillable. Here is a Quote from his Knight-Skin: "You are going to need a Raid to defeat me" and damn, he is right. You need a team to kill him. Someone who stuns, weakens healing-Effect, does much magical damage and someone who has a high physical penetration.
Btw. Even when his offense is weak, he still can do a nice amount of Damage because he can do Skill-Chains. The 2-1-4-Combo for example.

Well. This is my Build. I hope you could make it through all the germanish Text.XD
Feel free to test it for yourself and leave a comment how it went.^^

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