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The In n out Tyr Build (Arena)

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by TheRamenGod updated September 25, 2018

Smite God: Tyr

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Tyr Build

The Build

Build Item Attacker's Blessing Attacker's Blessing
Build Item Warrior Tabi Warrior Tabi
Build Item Jotunn's Wrath Jotunn's Wrath
Build Item The Crusher The Crusher
Build Item Brawler's Beat Stick Brawler's Beat Stick
Build Item Titan's Bane Titan's Bane

Swap attackers for (pick one)

Build Item Heartseeker Heartseeker
Build Item Hydra's Lament Hydra's Lament
Build Item Rangda's Mask Rangda's Mask
Build Item Bloodforge Bloodforge

Ya main relic

Build Item Blink Rune Blink Rune

Snag the damage buff and beef up

Build Item Potion of Power Potion of Power
Build Item Elixir of Power Elixir of Power

Chapter Title

This is the build I used to get Tyr to diamond god rank.
Play your cards right and you can get like 16 kills a game. Blink is your best friend. Use it on people who are low or you know you can totally one shot with this build owo. If they have Ares early game just use your ult to pure. Literally I made this build to be effective/fun and to stunt on people :). One last note is that aggressive play can be rewarded! just play smart. Calculations are everything.

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TheRamenGod | September 25, 2018 4:26pm
This is a damage Tyr build and I use it in arena. I know it's not a normal build I do it because it's a real meme to blink and kill 3 people at once xD
Branmuffin17 (349) | September 25, 2018 4:38pm
Alright. I can be down with that, though I'm not nearly decent enough with Tyr to get away with that build. Thanks for the clarification on use.
Kriega1 (125) | September 25, 2018 3:06am
Hastened Katana is not good on Tyr.
Gulfwulf (80) | September 25, 2018 8:53am
Every time I see a build like this I scratch my head and wonder if I'm building wrong because, in the case of warriors, I also thought you wanted at least one protection item. This build not only lacks any protection, it will also cause you to take more damage. I know Tyr's tanky and all, but is that really a good idea? This looks more like an assassin build than a warrior build with peel ability. I certainly wouldn't use this build and cannot in good faith recommend it without seeing the OP's match stats.
Branmuffin17 (349) | September 25, 2018 9:29am
@Gulf: I know you're being sarcastic here, but at the same time, I would say that some players could get away with this. Your play style is a lot more passive / defensive so no, you are not building incorrectly, and neither are 99% of the others who build Warriors with protections.
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boogiebass (46) | September 25, 2018 9:04am
"Literally I made this build to be effective/fun and to stunt on people :)"

He does imply it's not a typical tyr build, but I'd like more clarification on this and have it explicitly stated.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author TheRamenGod
The In n out Tyr Build (Arena)
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