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Solo Chaac, The Right Way

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by UncleTrapspringer updated September 30, 2021

Smite God: Chaac

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Build Summary


Build Item Bluestone Pendant Bluestone Pendant
Build Item Warrior's Axe Warrior's Axe
Build Item Glowing Emerald Glowing Emerald
Build Item Healing Potion Healing Potion
Build Item Ward Ward
Build Item Purification Beads Purification Beads

Full build

Notes Bluestone and warriors axe are interchangeable depending on who your your opponent is in solo. Sometimes you may be facing a mage(change) or assassin(rat or Loki) where that extra damage early game makes it easy to shutdown any squishy god. Warriors is the safe option if you are not comfortable without that extra protections.


Bluestone and warriors axe are interchangeable depending on who your your opponent is in solo. Sometimes you may be facing a mage(change) or assassin(rat or Loki) where that extra damage early game makes it easy to shutdown any squishy god. Warriors is the safe option if you are not comfortable without that extra protections.

Build Item Corrupted Bluestone Corrupted Bluestone
Build Item Breastplate of Regrowth Breastplate of Regrowth
Build Item Jotunn's Wrath Jotunn's Wrath
Build Item Berserker's Shield Berserker's Shield
Build Item Shifter's Shield Shifter's Shield
Build Item Gladiator's Shield Gladiator's Shield

Extended Build


Grabbing shield of regrowth early allows escapes in a tight situation if your 1 and 2 are on cool down and a little more sustain with the extra hp5 and mp5. Jotunn’s second rounds out the early game with damage, more mana, as well as more cool down reduction to allow thunder strike much more rapidly.

Berserker’s starts the physical protections but at the same time gives more damage as well as some attack speed, it also pairs well with the next item. Shifters shield. With the opposite effects of shifters shield paired with berserkers shield you never really drop in power except between the health percents of 75%-40%

The last item (gladiators) takes the previous two protection items and turns it into good damage on low health enemies.

Pros / Cons


    High physical protection
    Good damage
    High cooldown reduction
    High mobility when paired with 3

    Low magical protections


This build is NOT meant to capitalize on Chaac’s self heal ability. Use his 3 to chase and slow opponents or run away with help of shield of regrowth. Using Chaac’s 3 as a self heal only will not work if your opponents are not stupid.

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UncleTrapspringer | September 30, 2021 11:30am
Feedback is welcome, let me know if your complaints and why you think that way or if you think there are better items and why.
Branmuffin17 (377) | September 30, 2021 1:47pm
Hey Uncle,

Thought I'd give some feedback.
  • Firstly, I'd like to say that I get your concept. Shield of Regrowth is a functional utility item for him. He enjoys CDR so Regrowth, Jotunn's, and Glad shield can all work for him. I'm stating this so you don't think I'm just brushing off your build.

  • That said, we should start with the first main item (outside of the starter). In the early game, Chaac can be quite a bully because he's got easy poke which can also do good chunks of damage. The ability has a fairly strong 70% scaling, which means that power items will be appreciated, especially for early wave clear, which is always a priority.

    Instead, you opt into Regrowth. While it has CDR for more ability use, and some health and HP5/MP5, it comes with 0 power, which is probably just not suggested even if you're going for an offensive build instead of a standard tanky one. Consider that Regrowth is an optional utility item, not a core one.

    Your better item in this spot if going offensive is probably the next item in your list. Jotunn's Wrath just got a buff and is freaking cheap for the stats. You'll get more CDR, easier wave clear, stronger poke, even if you don't have quite as much survivability due to the lack of MS and health.

  • While Chaac can have fun with basics, especially since he can keep people close for a long time with the help of Rain Dance, most of your build is really focused more on his ability use, and so I'm not sure Berserker's is a strong item for him here. And while Shifter's has nice stats, it's also one you might consider switching out. In fact, all 3 of the shields may be considered to be switched out.

  • What you likely need more of are protections. You state in your pros that you have "high physical protections." While your phys protections are okay, I wouldn't label them as high. At max with 130 prots from items, it's about average, I'd say.

    On the flipside, and as you yourself recognize, you've got very low magical protections, which means you'll be blown up by an enemy mage Mid/Jungler/ADC, and even get damaged pretty decently by an aggressive guardian (solo or support). Your build offers no alternatives if you find yourself against a magical solo, no actual counters against enemy healing, etc. In essence, to me this seems like a narrow-focus somewhat damage-y build in a small bubble.
While you could probably group up to 4 of these items in a decent and functional build, I feel at least 2 of these items need to be switched out for more/balanced protections and have better options to adjust based on enemy comp.
UncleTrapspringer | October 1, 2021 9:45am
I’ll try to hit every point with my thought process but I also completely understand what you’re getting at. I myself diverge from this build depending on who is solo and jungle.

My reason for getting Shield of Regrowth fist is because the starter item Blustone is sufficient in most cases because I find many people build a damage item first. With chaac’s easy poke early game I find it useful to grab utility first. Regrowth allows for easier rotates between mid and solo as well.

Berserkers is used because it gives protection for the later synergy with gladiators as well as some attack speed to get that passive up and running quicker for that extra 2s cool down.

Considering the mediocre physical protection I didn’t do the math myself and I just pulled it from the item builder it tells me 178/325 but truly it isn’t “high” physical protection.

And considering The practically zero magical protection it is a major flaw with the build and I have a completely different build if the solo is magical if the jungle is magic then I usually replace shifter with a magic defense item and use it after jotunn though I don’t think about magical defense too much if the solo isn’t one because by the time I’m facing an aggressive supp or built mage it’s mid to late game and chaac has gone from a major bully in lane to a frontline support.

All in all berserkers shield is for the attack speed and synergy with gladiators.

Getting jotunn first is completely understandable and interchangeable with regrowth.

My build differs based on who is in lane so if it is magical I use a different build.

Thanks for your feedback I’ve thought a lot about it and it gave me some ideas on what else can be used in differing situations, I hope you at least tried the build because I find that it is pretty solid even later into the game.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author UncleTrapspringer
Solo Chaac, The Right Way
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