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Season 5 Geb build and guide I guess?

September 7, 2018 by CaptainChromosome
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A season 5 Geb build or something like that

Smite God: Geb

Item Purchase Order

Full support

Build Item Guardian's Blessing
Build Item Boots
Build Item Reinforced Shoes
Build Item Iron Mail
Build Item Sovereignty
Build Item Silver Talisman
Build Item Heartward Amulet
Build Item Jade Mountain Helm
Build Item Jade Emperor's Crown
Build Item Spellbound Kusari
Build Item Shogun's Kusari
Build Item Cloak of Concentration
Build Item Mantle of Discord

Support + engage

Build Item Guardian's Blessing Build Item Druid Stone Build Item Stone of Binding Build Item Magic Shoes Build Item Shoes of Focus Build Item Iron Mail Build Item Sovereignty Build Item Talisman Build Item Heartward Amulet Build Item Silver Breastplate Build Item Hide of the Nemean Lion Build Item Ward Stone Build Item Void Stone

Build Item Meditation Cloak Build Item Magic Shell Build Item Heavenly Wings Build Item Horrific Emblem Build Item Blink Rune

God Skill Order

Roll Out

Roll Out 3 10 11 15 19 key bind

Shock Wave

Shock Wave 1 4 7 12 16 key bind

Stone Shield

Stone Shield 2 6 8 14 18 key bind


Cataclysm 5 9 13 17 20 key bind


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Season 5 Geb build and guide I guess?

September 7, 2018

How to Geb 101

Geb is a very supportive guardian with 3 damaging abilities that all apply a form of CC. His 1 is a dash with a very long wind-up to reach its max speed. This ability is NOT meant to be used for its raw damage, instead its main use is to either gank, engage, or as an CC immune escape tool. Geb's 2 is his main damaging and CC ability. Although it doesn't do much damage at its longer ranges, it does do a solid amount at close range. However, it's main use is to apply an almost lane-wide mini-knockup to enemy gods which will allow your team to either engage or to disengage. Finally, your 4 or your ult is a 2 second long aoe stun that deals percent max-health damage so remember, you CANNOT kill with this ult. This ult is a make-or-break ul, this ult will either completely CC an entire enemy team and your allies can grab the deicide or the enemy team can either use beads or any other means of CC immunity and turn the tables on you and your team. This ult however, is very predictable in certain situations just like Ymir's 3. This is why blink is a very relianle engage tool to help either land your 3, ult or burn the enemy team's beads. Oh, I almost forgot about Geb's 3 which is his shield. This shield can be applied from a distance and even over walls onto either you or your allies. The shield's health doesn't scale with your power or health, it scales with your level instead. The max health for the shield is around 400 to 500 health. The shield also cleanses you or your allies of any CC however, the timing does take practice. Remember the shield should not be used as a Khepri ult, don't wait until your ally is low health to give them a shield. Use the shield to absorb ults, a couple hunter auto attacks, or an ability from a blaster carry such as Scylla's 2. However, if your shield is down and so is your ult, if you can try to sacrifice yourself to save the allied carry you should. But, if you can't just escape with your 1.

What do these items even do?

Guardian's blessing is well, a starting item that provides some health and defense however, the main perk of this blessing is that it gives you bonus gold if you get an assist on either a minion, jungle creep, or a kill on an enemy God. Every time you do get an assist on anything you get 1 stack on the blessing. This item stacks up to 50 stacks in which when it reaches its max stacks it will give you more gold per sec and bonus health. Reinforced shoes allow you to tank more with its damage mitigation passive and provides you with a decent amount of health, damage and movement speed. Sovereignty gives you a good chunk of health and decent physical defense but, the passive of this item is that it provides an aura that provides your allies and yourself bonus Hp5 and physical defense. Heartward is almost exactly the same but, instead of physical defense it's magical and instead of Hp5 its Mp5 which is always nice. Jade emperor's crown gives you some physical defense, power and health but provides a debuff aura to the enemy team that lowers their physical power by 50 which for how low the cost is and its stats, its pretty good. Shogun's Kusari provides you with some Magical defense, Mp5 and some health and gives off an attack speed aura to your allies. Void stone is a staple when it comes to a more bruiser or more aggressive guardian playstyle. It gives you a good amount of power, health and mgaical defense and provides an debuff aura to enemies that lowers their magical protections. Mantle of Discord is always a safe choice if you want some extra defense and tankiness plus the passive of it makes it so that you can engage more often and get away. Finally, Stone of Binding. It's cheap and is ideal for its pressure and presence in the early game. Its mixed defensive stats with its power is good and all but, the passive is all worth it. It applies 10 both magical and physical penetration to you and your allies any time you hit any minion, jungle creep or enemy God with a damaging cc ability. Oh right before I go, let's talk about the relics that you should get. Shell is honestly really dumb right now in how useful it is but, it should be always picked up on supportive guardians. Shell applies an shield to you and your allies for around 300 or 400 health. The upgraded version of this relic should be picked up around on your second to last or if you are on your last item in your build. Meditation gives you and your allies a good chunk of health and mana. This is usually outclassed by shell but it is still useful because it gives mana unlike shell. You should upgrade this around when you are starting your 4th or 5th item. Blink is an amazing engage tool that let's you teleport a short distance in front of you if you haven't taken or dealt damage in the last 3 seconds. Heavenly wings gives off an air speed boost to you and your allies that cleanses and gives an immunity to slows for 3 seconds (I think that's the amount of time anyway). This should be use to either engage, negate slows to engage more easily or to disengage from a teamfight. And finally Horrific emblem. This relic applies a slow to enemy gods for 3 seconds which is useful to, like sprint, engage or disengage with ease. However, this relic should be upgraded around late-mid or late game due to its crucial teamfight effect which is that it makes any enemy God deal 20% less damage during the effect. Alright well, I hoped you liked my guide and actually read the whole thing and not skimmed through it, anyway seeya.

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