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How to get 20 and more assist with Ra

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Smite God: Ra

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Starting Items + Consumable

Build Item Vampiric Shroud Vampiric Shroud
Build Item Meditation Cloak Meditation Cloak
Build Item Shoes Shoes
Build Item Ward Ward
Build Item Multi Potion Multi Potion
Build Item Multi Potion Multi Potion

Full build (in order after starter)

Build Item Shoes Shoes
Build Item Magic Shoes Magic Shoes
Build Item Reinforced Shoes Reinforced Shoes
Build Item Breastplate Breastplate
Build Item Silver Breastplate Silver Breastplate
Build Item Breastplate of Valor Breastplate of Valor
Build Item Imperial Helmet Imperial Helmet
Build Item Jade Mountain Helm Jade Mountain Helm
Build Item Lotus Crown Lotus Crown
Build Item Cloak Cloak
Build Item Cloak of Concentration Cloak of Concentration
Build Item Spirit Robe Spirit Robe
Build Item Uncommon Staff Uncommon Staff
Build Item Rod of Healing Rod of Healing
Build Item Rod of Asclepius Rod of Asclepius
Build Item Lost Artifact Lost Artifact
Build Item Restored Artifact Restored Artifact
Build Item Rod of Tahuti Rod of Tahuti

Final Build (active)

Build Item Improved Meditation Improved Meditation
Build Item Greater Meditation Greater Meditation
Build Item Shield of the Underworld Shield of the Underworld

Let introduce myself to you !!!

Hi !

I'm Fatalyti611, it's my first God guide on SmiteFire. I'm open to any comment so don't be shy to give me more advice or tips.

I have the same laugh than RA JAJAJAJAJAJAJA *caugh* *caugh* *caugh* caugh*. Ahem sorry for that.

Ra is my main god. I know all thing about him, played all mode. Just for you i will limit my explanation for the build to 10 line per items, skills, etc.

I hope you gonna enjoy this !

Let's go !!!

Explanation of the items


This is an items very useful at the start of the game. This starter items allow you to farm more much in your lane. This items can adjust your low mana when you farming the lane. I will never able to don't play this starter items. Just try to focus on the save of your mana early in the game and don't abuse of your Celestial Beam. Because if your meditation is in CD (Cooldown) and you don't have mana you can loose your tower (Potion can be an option). Use your basic attack to clear the minions wave after using Celestial Beam. Wait the next wave and repeat the combo until you level up.

Meditation Higly recommended to stay more time in your lane early in the game. The combo is the same for Vampiric Shroud but there have some exception. If you don't have used your Meditation you can abuse your Celestial Beam until you have use your Meditation and wait 120 second to get ON your Meditation. When you have used meditation do the combo of Vampiric Shroud save and wait 120 seconds to repeat the Meditation combo. With the 15 MP5 for 15 seconds you're suppose to get full mana if you have clear the minions path. Do the both combo Vampiric Shroud or Meditation and get your skill up.

That shoes increase your movement speed by 6% with your passive Speed of Light that give you 12% of movement speed. You can easily dodge the enemy skill and be really fast to rotate. This is highly recommend to dodge the stunt of Scylla and Vulcan high area damage skills.


+ + I buy some ward to get warn when the enemy jungler is about to gank me. Multi potion is the most viable consumable if i get to much damage (yellow healt) or when my Solar Blessing is in CD (CoolDown). That help me to stay more time in the lane and farm for Gold. I mostly place my ward in the rigth (in ORDER camp) jungle just in front of my tower. I place my wards here to don't get gank behind me when i push the lane. I do the same thing when i do solo !

Full Build

With the 18% of speed and the CCR (Crowd Control Reduction). This is the best items reducing the stunts of the enemy jungler. The 20 MP (Magical Power) give you a little benefit to do more damage. The 150 healt give you more survivability in the lane and get more hurt it's better then nothing. with the 18% of speed and Speed of Light that give you 24% of MS (Movement Speed). With 24% of speed, it's gonna be hard for Fenrir to catch the bird. Finally, The CCD is the most important thing of the build. Without this, Ra is a real chiken to eat because you get normaly stunted and this shoes can save your life. This items is very usefull against all Stunt.

Why this items; did you ask me. As you can see we have not offensive items. So i thought to find a solution with this problem and i found something let me explain what is it. So i have maximised the CDR (CoolDown Reduction) to make up the MP. This items have the most PD of the store and with this 75 of PD, you can do an 1 v 1 easy against a Hunter Artemis or jungler Thor. The CDR can be use to gank more then 1 time per minute and Ra have the shortest CD of the game wich gives you a big advantage in the battlefield. 300 Mana give you more lifetime whitout having used your meditation for a loooooong time.

The best items never created !!! You just have to get your Solar Blessing and heal. With this Passive, you and your ally benefit of 20 MD and 20 PD for 5 seconds. That give you more then 30 MD. Highly recommended to use on an ally with this life bar is in Red or Yellow colors to give him more defense. The 60 MP give you a little offensive to defend yourself against an enemy or when your alone. The 25 MP5 (Mana Per 5 Second) give you a lot of mana restoration. The counter items of Lotus Crown is the Divine Ruin passive preventing you to heal normally.

HA! A SUNSCREEN HAHAHAHAHA! What can i say for this items ? [VEA] FABULOUS ! This 15 % of CDR give you full of CDR allow you to use Celestial Beam and wait for 5 second to use your Celestial Beam again. Is it not amazing, with 40 of PD and 40 MD and this passive give you 15% of mitigation when you hit by a HCC (Hard Crowd Control). That chiken have an armor or what ? This is the best items to save your ally when your Solar Blessing is in CD or to be in the third line when the mid-game start. Thereby, i can heal in front of me or behind me, that allow my ally to restore there healt.

This is the only items that almost immune me to the Passive of Divine Ruin (This effect are less). With the passive of Rod of Asclepius, i can heal the half of the healt of a guardian. This 75 MP give more power to attack and speed to dodge easier an enemy skills. 200 healt is here to give you more effectiveness when you get hurt by an attack. This items allow me to overhealt my teammates and myself by 115%. I can call that an insta-heal.

Sell your Vampiric Shroud to get a free space in your inventory. This is the crucial items in late-game giving you 25% more MP. Now the birds have teeth to bite his enemy. I have choosen this items because has you can see the MP is very low for a mage like Ra. This items resolve this BIG problem and is the most viable last items with this 3320 gold to pay. Very usefull.

Pros / Cons

-Lowest CDR
-High sustain
-Not gankable
-Good passive
-Very Good healer
-Insta mana and healt
-High Speed

-Lowest PD
-Lack of damage
-Low mana in early game


Every time Ra uses an ability, his movement speed is increased by 6% for 10 seconds. This passive is very usefull in late game to dodge an enemy attack. Boosted by Rod of Asclepius and Reinforced Shoes that give you 454 of Movement speed. That is very fast for a chiken like this. With the buff that give you 527 movement speed this is sufficient enough to gank the jungle before he can kill someone.

This skills is the only one to clear a minions wave fast in early game but be careful with your mana. This skill in late game can kill a minions wave without using your basic attack (not always work). I use this skill to finish off my enemy with the combo Divine Light+ Solar Blessing that will slow your enemy and finish them with Celestial Beam. There are suppose to get back under is tower, meanwhile kill some minion before to stay under your tower and wait for the CC.

This is the best skill for Ra. After using your Solar Blessing try to turn around your foes under your Solar Blessing and blind them from face to face and finish the combo with your Celestial Beam. I blind my foes in mid games when i use my Solar Blessing or when it's in CC. The blind can give much time to my ally with low healt to retreat to a safety place. That can save my life because all of my foe blind get movement speed reduced and give me the time to get away from the battlefield.

This is my spamming skill. I use it everywhere and everytime. Seriously this skill give me more offensive posibility and more lifetime. When i get hit by the jungler in the late game i mostly use this skill or i use a potion. (You make potion right ? Can you bring me some Ale ?) Oups, wrong game sorry !!!
Boosted with Rod of Asclepius i can heal 2/3 of a guardian healt or 1/3 against the
passive of Divine Ruin.

I call this skill (Sniper)
Step 1 Hide under the jungle to catch a prey.
Step 2 When your prey using this B with low healt adjust your aim.
step 3 Press your 4 and enjoy your kill and the view :3

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Devampi (89) | March 31, 2016 8:37am
That wasn't really the point I made with my last comment.
It was that mages and assassins are the counters to adcs
Fatalyti611 | March 31, 2016 6:01am
Yeah nbut think about the jungler ... if you know Ra have a low Defence
Devampi (89) | January 13, 2016 4:31am
you know that statement doesn't matter a lot as the APC (aka mage or assassins) are the best counter to ADC
Fatalyti611 | January 12, 2016 7:53am
Yeah with that build i can do a 1 vs 2 ADC with Ra
MeleeCreep | December 19, 2015 9:01pm
Although it isn't the most optimised build for Ra, I've played it in a Clash game and it was lots of fun. Dancing around helping with kills I had 8-1 with 13 assists at the end.

Thanks Fatalyti
Fatalyti611 | December 15, 2015 7:55am
Yeah It's a Support Build for ra i forget to mention it sorry
Devampi (89) | December 15, 2015 2:44am
even I got to agree here. this looks more like you planning on playing a Ra support (which can be funny) however the starter item says midlane. And for midlane you want damage so your rotations are scary (instead of laughable and a free kill)

Also meditation isn't a good active unless you are playing assault, because normally you get enough Mana regen from your items starting from mid game. Making this active more useless in late game.
CakeSlapping (29) | December 14, 2015 7:29am
I gotta agree with the points FxkboiiXpress made on this one. This build is a pretty poor Ra build. You have barely built damage, so Rod of Tahutis passive is giving you a measly amount of extra power.

You also have no penetration so your damage output will be very small.

You say that this build is "not gankable", but with no escapes in his kit, and no actives to give him escape potential ( Greater Purification, Combat Blink etc.) I would say that this build is EASILY gankable.
Fatalyti611 | December 14, 2015 5:29am
Did you try it ? I highly recommend you to try it before saying **** like that.
FxkBoiiXpress | December 8, 2015 6:15am
Garbage *** build. Its simple to get assists with Ra. No need for double heal lol. Get damage on him, Hes a ****ing mage.
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How to get 20 and more assist with Ra
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