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Grandmaster S9 Chaac Build

53 8 50,573
by WaxPython updated January 24, 2022

Smite God: Chaac

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Build Summary


Build Item Bluestone Pendant Bluestone Pendant
Build Item Persistent Teleport Persistent Teleport

final build




Build Item Bluestone Brooch Bluestone Brooch
Build Item Runeforged Hammer Runeforged Hammer
Build Item Breastplate of Vigilance Breastplate of Vigilance
Build Item Pridwen Pridwen
Build Item Bulwark of Hope Bulwark of Hope
Build Item Spectral Armor Spectral Armor
Build Item Persistent Teleport Persistent Teleport
Build Item Corrupted Blink Rune Corrupted Blink Rune

Extended Build


Hello again, been messing around with chaac in s9 pts and I think he is the best lane bully in the game right now. After discovering a pretty broken strat for him and stomping every lane even against many SCC players i thought i'd write this up. Enjoy!


Ability Levelling order, Max the 1 followed by the 2 and lastly the 3, level up the ult when you can.


Grab Bluestone and fully upgraded teleport to tower, the upgrade relic you want is persistent teleport Sounds crazy but we will get into the method behind the madness in the strategy section.

Next up grab runeforged, would have said blackthorn but it got nerfed fairly heavily and for the same cost you get a way better item, monster with great hp5 and mp5 stats will let you sustain as long as you want and the passive will always proc in chaac rain, it is a must buy.

3rd up you want either a shoguns or a breastplate depending on whether your opponent is magical or physical, both offer defense, mana sustain and cooldowns which will be needed at this stage of the laning phase.

Att his point you want your second relic, either get beads or blink whatever you are more comfortable with, i would go blink unless they have a cc comp then get beads.

4th and 5th items are bulwark first if you haven't gotten shoguns and pridwen first if you got shogun's. They both got pretty moderate nerfs but I still think the passives are too valuable to pass up on.

5th up you probably want spectral due to the heavy prevalence crit has and at this point upgrade breastplate of valor to the tier 4 , you want vigilance as it will heavily assist in taking down hunters. And lastly get brooch or corrupted bluestone either one is nice and up to preference,


So why no health pots or tier 1 items, why is persistent teleport so good?

Firstly, it is up every 90 seconds, at base cooldown, this is ridiculous, you could even opt for a relic dagger and just abuse this relic as you can literally teleport to any ward or structure down from the usual 200 seconds it is in s8.

This will let you bully lane and finish off tier 2s or buy pots as needed without having to worry about missing out on farm, you will simply outfarm and out sustain the enemy solo with this relic as no one is buying it.

Secondly all kills and assists reduce the relic cooldown by 10 seconds,plus the fact this works on wards. Easily get fed in solo teleport to a friendly ward get a huge wipe and you will have the relic up again to teleport back to solo lane and miss out on no farm at all. This is one of the best relics to snowball with period and gives you insane map control.

Thirdly, it is cheap

no really, just 800 gold to completely be able to turn your brain off and play solo lane the way YOU want to play, farm to your hearts content without a care in the world or aggressive rotations at level 3.
The game opens up for your completely and you can swing momentum in your favor based on that alone. Insane relic and i don't see any nerfs coming until the pros start using it.

Lastly some explanations for why I opted for the items I did over others

No Mystic Mail?

probably till ok but with the new teleport relic isn't as useful anymore and the nerf really hurt its damage i don't think it is worth getting anymore.

No blackthorn?

alas overnerfed in pts, is a shame as would have been really fun and op.

No souleater?

cheap and decently buffed, you are free to pick it up but I don't think its as good as the other options I listed.

No berserkers?

It is a very good item but also terribly expensive, can be a decent option with shoguns however.

Thanks for reading and have fun fragging with Chaac

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DonStark | January 28, 2022 5:55am
Hey wax, im gonna try this build. Do u have a video where ur playing chaac ? Id like to see how you play him
WaxPython | January 28, 2022 2:39pm
Hello, sorry I'm not a streamer but just practice with him all you'll get the hang of it really nothing to it :)
Branmuffin17 (378) | January 20, 2022 1:40pm
Hey Wax, looks like fun!

Just an FYI, I've uploaded the T4 glyph items, so you can update BoV as preferred now.
WaxPython | January 24, 2022 12:36pm
Thanks Bran, I appreciate it will be updating guide now
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League of Legends Build Guide Author WaxPython
Grandmaster S9 Chaac Build
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