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Freya - One Hot B*tch [Gameplay Video Inc.] [Updated 10/4/13]

October 4, 2013 by xseekx
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Ranged AP

Smite God: Freya

Item Purchase Order


Build Item Shoes
Build Item Shoes
Build Item Mana Potion
Build Item Mana Potion
Build Item Shoes of the Magi
Build Item Demonic Grip
Build Item Demonic Grip
Build Item Demonic Grip
Build Item Warlock's Sash
Build Item Warlock's Sash
Build Item Warlock's Sash
Build Item Rod of Tahuti
Build Item Rod of Tahuti
Build Item Rod of Tahuti
Build Item Polynomicon
Build Item Polynomicon
Build Item Polynomicon
Build Item Obsidian Shard
Build Item Obsidian Shard
Build Item Obsidian Shard

Situational (Explained)

Build Item Doom Orb Build Item Void Stone Build Item Chronos' Pendant


Build Item Meditation Cloak Build Item Heavenly Wings

Attack Speed/Chaser

Build Item Shoes Build Item Shoes Build Item Shoes of the Magi Build Item Demonic Grip Build Item Demonic Grip Build Item Demonic Grip Build Item Telkhines Ring Build Item Telkhines Ring Build Item Telkhines Ring Build Item Polynomicon Build Item Polynomicon Build Item Polynomicon Build Item Fatalis Build Item Fatalis Build Item Fatalis Build Item Gem of Isolation Build Item Gem of Isolation Build Item Gem of Binding

God Skill Order


Irradiate 2 6 8 11 14 key bind


Pulse 1 4 7 10 12 key bind


Banish 3 15 16 18 19 key bind

Valkyrie's Discretion

Valkyrie's Discretion 5 9 13 17 20 key bind

Freya - One Hot B*tch [Gameplay Video Inc.] [Updated 10/4/13]

October 4, 2013


Behold Freya, the sexiest god in Smite! Freya is a very versatile Melee (or Ranged) AP god. This build focuses on mostly playing her as a ranged god. There are obviously many different ways to play her while looking at all the available guides here on Smitefire. I have found this build to work well for me and I've had great success playing her like this.

Pros / Cons


    Excellent AoE damage
    Crowd Control
    Easy to escape
    Damage scales great with items/levels
    High Damage

    Very squishy
    Mana dependent early game
    Did I mention squishy?


Skill break down as follows (I will explain the use of her skills in my build later in the guide):
Brisingamen's Blessing

Freya's necklace grants her an additional +15% magical lifesteal.

Freya activates a buff that lasts for 5 seconds that makes her basic physical attacks do an additional 40/55/70/85/100 (+35% of your magical power) magical damage. The additional damage is halved while Pulse is active.

Freya activates a buff that lasts for 5 seconds that makes her basic attacks ranged that deal an additional 20/30/40/50/60 (+20% of your magical power) magical damage and slow by 25%, doing the same damage to nearby enemies. While Irradiate is active, the additional damage is halved while the slow and area damage are not applied.

At her ground target location, Freya banishes her enemies into the air for 1/1.25/1.5/1.75/2 seconds. The enemies can't be hit or take action while in the air.
Valkyrie's Discretion

Freya uses her Cloak of Feathers to fly above the battlefield where she fires down blasts of 120/150/180/210/240 (+40% of your magical power) magical damage up to 4 times while flying. Freya can't be hit during her ultimate and can right click to cancel it early.


Item's uses for my build as follows:

Shoes of the Magi

This is an obligatory item for Freya. This item gives the bonus Mana and Magical Power that you will utilize with this build. Fully upgraded gives you magic penetration which will help mid/late game. There is no substitute for this item.
Demonic Grip

I've added this item since my last update. Excellent item to get early game because it makes your Pulse hit faster and harder, (which will help you achieve that awesome k/d). Plus the passive is great for making early game squishes rage. This replaced Fatalis from my original build.
Warlock's Sash

This item is also obligatory. It gives Magical Power, Health, Mana, and permanent stacks towards Magical Power, Health, and Mana. Maxing the stacks on this item early/mid game will give you an awesome boost in your Magic Damage and give you even more survivability since you're so darn squishy!
Rod of Tahuti

This is an obvious item for most AP gods. You get 125 bonus Magical Power, extra MP5 (regen) and at it's max level +25% Magical Power. This is strictly a DPS item. This is going to give you that extra Magic Damage mid/late game.

I've come to realize that the passive on this cannot be ignored. Using Pulse with a full Polynomicon is just awesome. It's a huge nuke and it add's to your maana pool as well as your magic lifesteal for sustainability.

Obsidian Shard

Obsidian Shard is great to get last because it gives you even more Magical Power to up that Magic DPS of yours. It's also nice because it gives you that Magic Penetration which will be important mid/late game since your enemies (if they are aware of what is happening) will have grabbed some AP protection. No worries! With this item you will still be tearing them up.

Situational Items

Doom Orb

Doom Orb is a stacking item like Warlock's Sash, however they are not permanent and lost on death. I would only recommend grabbing this item if you're not dying a whole lot as it's a pain to re-farm the stacks. If you do grab it though, you'll note the huge boost in Magical Power from the stacks (+160 Magical Power total). It also gives you some extra mana so you can spam skills more often. If you decide you want Doom Orb, I wouldn't get it last. I would get it right after getting Warlock's Sash so you can farm stacks for each item at the same time (then continue with the normal item order).
Void Stone

This item can be your last item if you feel you need more survivability. If the opposing team is stacking AP, this would be a nice so you can have a little more defense against those AP gods. It's also nice that you get that debuff aura at max level (-30 Magical Protection). This will counter their AP protection and allow you to dish out a little more damage.
Chronos' Pendant

Self explanatory item. If you feel that the cool downs are holding you back from dominating your enemies even more, grab this. Simple cool down reduction plus a little magic damage increase.

I'm throwing Fatalis back in the mix after some experimenting. I don't usually recommend getting it in conquest as it does not directly boost your magic damage. The movement speed and attack speed is nice but I don't think it's critical. I've used it a few times in Domination and Arena for moving around a little faster. That leaves Fatalis as a situational item.

Attack Speed/Chaser Items

I'm not going to go into detail explaining this alternative build. It should be pretty self explanatory. I normally like trying to max my magic damage because Pulse will hit so much harder if you're decent at aiming. However, it can be slightly easier to line up shots if you're shooting faster. Also if you're playing a game mode like Arena where you just wanna run around using Banish and then Pulse this build is nice. It focuses on maximizing attack speed and movement speed so you can move around the battlefield a little faster.


As you can tell, this build focuses on stacking Magical Power (to increase your Magic Damage). While also maximizing your survivability (you're squishy, remember?). To really utilize the items and skill order I have presented, you should play Freya primarily as a RANGED god. Many of the other Freya guides seem to focus on maxing Irradiate. I have tried these other guides and I simply do not agree with this. While Irradiate is extremely powerful, it means playing melee. As I stated before, Freya is incredibly squishy! In my experience you can dish out a great amount of damage using Pulse as your primary skill and have excellent survivability because of it! (Now I'm not saying not to use Irradiate, it's great for farming creeps or finishing up a gank!)

How to actually use Freya's skills:

Alright, so Pulse is your bread and butter. It's great damage and has an awesome slow AND it's an AoE. You're going to use this as your primary attack. Farm creep waves with it and try to hit creeps that are near enemy gods so you also hit them. Also, use this while ganking or chasing someone down to slow them.

Irradiate is used pretty much every time your Pulse is on cooldown. I use it to farm creep waves when it's safe or to get that last hit in on an enemy god if they are in range. It's basically a glorified basic melee attack.

Banish is your go-to skill for setting up ganks. It's best used to throw 1-2 enemies up in the air and give your lane partner(s) the chance to position themselves for a fast kill. Following it up with Pulse is going to be optimal. You can also use Banish to escape or save teammates. If an enemy is chasing you, quick throw them up and keep running. If an enemy is chasing a teammate, same thing. It buys you a couple extra seconds to keep on running.

Valkyrie's Discretion is your awesome ultimate that dishes out a ton of damage while making you invincible. I love to use this after a Banish followed by a Pulse. It's a huge nuke that devastates when used properly. Side note: playing with gods like Odin or Cupid make your ultimate extra useful as they have AoE Crowd Control ultimates which make it easy for you to pummel the enemies effected by your partners ult.

Valkyrie's Discretion also has a huge range, so don't be afraid to use it to pick off a fleeing enemy. This ultimate is also useful to escape. I try to avoid using it as an escape because I'd prefer to keep it off cooldown to pick up kills, but in a nasty situation it will get you out of enemy crowd control and give you a chance to book it out of danger.


Thanks for reading this guide. It is my first guide here at Smitefire, but I think it's pretty thorough and accurate for my first time.
If it helps you out be sure to up-vote it! Criticism and comments are welcome as always! I will try to add more to the guide as I try new techniques, if there is something you would like me to add please leave a comment and I'll do my best!


After a little theory crafting with some buddies, we established that after using Irradiate or Pulse, Freya's attacks become strictly AP as opposed to your AD basic attacks. If this is true, stacking AD items (like a few other guides recommend) on Freya is pretty much useless. Because your passive will boost up your AD enough without having to waste money on AD items. Is this true? Thoughts on this are encouraged!

Video featuring build:

Please note this video utilizes my old Freya build. Some item choices have changed slightly. But the game play method and strategy remain the same.

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