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Desert Furry Build/ADC

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by HnR Cha0s updated June 5, 2020

Smite God: Anhur

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Anhur Build


Build Item Hunter's Blessing Hunter's Blessing
Build Item Spiked Gauntlet Spiked Gauntlet
Build Item Healing Potion Healing Potion
Build Item Mana Potion Mana Potion

Full Against Tanky Team

Build Item Devourer's Gauntlet Devourer's Gauntlet
Build Item Ninja Tabi Ninja Tabi
Build Item The Executioner The Executioner
Build Item Rage Rage
Build Item Wind Demon Wind Demon
Build Item Titan's Bane Titan's Bane

Full Against Squishier Team

Build Item Devourer's Gauntlet Devourer's Gauntlet
Build Item Ninja Tabi Ninja Tabi
Build Item Rage Rage
Build Item The Executioner The Executioner
Build Item Wind Demon Wind Demon
Build Item Poisoned Star Poisoned Star

Sell Boots

Build Item Odysseus' Bow Odysseus' Bow
Build Item Elixir of Speed Elixir of Speed

Alts for Selling Boots/Starter

Build Item Ichaival Ichaival
Build Item Toxic Blade Toxic Blade
Build Item Deathbringer Deathbringer


Build Item Purification Beads Purification Beads
Build Item Aegis Amulet Aegis Amulet
Build Item Heavenly Wings Heavenly Wings


Hey everybody, this is my 4th carry build and it is for Anhur. I'g going to talk about the build a little bit, what Anhur offers, and things to look out for. I always appreciate any feedback you guys have.

I really like Anhur and think he is a great pick in this meta. A lot of good kill potential, very safe with an escape, and there aren't a lot of match ups that bad for him. I'm really liking him, and he feels a lot meatier than other hunters.

Anhur Abilities

Anhur's kit is very simple but takes a little bit to master. So I will explain each move as well as good times to use them.

His passive is very simple, nothing to keep track of or build stacks on. He reduces an enemies physical protections for 3 seconds after each basic attack. This passive is really good and easy to manage. With this, if you are getting ahead early, allows you to get Rage before Executioner if you would like, since you already have some pen.

His 1st ability is a slow/wall. Enemies within the sand are slowed, and you do increased damage onto them. This is also vital for the combo with your 2, but is relatively difficult to land. In a 1 v 1 if you nail it, it is almost always a kill.

Your 2 is an impale, which will push enemies back as well as stun them if they hit a wall. This is a great ability for almost all situations. It's a great engage tool, great for CC chaining, and great for helping you run if you get ganked.

Your 3 is jump that will knock enemies up. This more than not will be used as an escape, but is still strong enough to engage with, especially because of the CC it gives.

Your 4 is a series of spears that all do a decent chunk of damage. This move also grants you CC immunity so it is very strong. It also goes through walls, so is a great tool for securing kills.


So I will talk about the build I put above, so alts, and why I really think this one works.

To starts, I think Devos is a great choice on most hunters, and think for Anhur it is significantly better than the Trans build I see occasionally. Trans is a great item, and the CDR you get is good, but the lifesteal for a Carry is too vital. Mana also isn't an issue past level 6ish so I think Devos works a lot better.

I also like rushing the Devos even though a lot of people get only the tier 1 and go boots. If you play a little reserved until it is on, I think it is more beneficial than the boots. Your stacks will build faster, and your ability to 1 v 1 will be higher. It also prompts the Supp to start rotating more which could be beneficial.

To continue, as I mentioned earlier, if you are up, I would say get Rage next and then Executioner. If it is an even lane, and Supp is still sticking get the Exec first. Rage early is great for getting stacks on it sooner, but do what is smart.

Moving to the next crit item. I with all my heart prefer Wind Demon and Poisoned Star over Deathbringer. I think their stats are more useful because of the attack speed, both passives are really strong, and both items are cheaper than Deathbringer. Of course, if you like Deathbringer, grab it, but that is your call.

Now for enemies comp. If they are tanky, Titan's Bane is a must. It's passive is huge for cutting down the frontliners. I think this is a must. For squishier comps, you could assume they would be doing more damage, so Poisoned Star is great. More crit, more attack speed, and you lower their damage output.

As for the boots sell, I think Ody Bow is the best. Your weakest stat with most builds will be attack speed, so this will give you a good boost, for cheap. The lightning is also going to be significant in team fights. I like Ichival a lot for certain situations, as it helps you do increased damage. Lastly, Toxic Blade is very common, I'm not a huge fan, but the flat pen and movement speed do always help.

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Stuke99 (56) | June 5, 2020 1:32pm
> Desert Furry Build/ADC
> Desert Furry Build
> Desert Furry
> Furry
xmysterionz (64) | June 5, 2020 3:22pm
Stuke99 (56) | June 6, 2020 11:03am
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boogiebass (46) | June 6, 2020 10:49am
What the fvck
Gulfwulf (81) | June 5, 2020 4:14pm
No they don't.
Kriega1 (133) | June 5, 2020 9:22am
Get Multi Pots, not Mana pots. With Hunter’s blessing you have enough mp5/mana sustain.
Devampi (105) | June 6, 2020 5:45am
Honestly this totally differs per playstyle or even per game.
Kriega1 (133) | June 6, 2020 5:53am
No it doesen't. If you're buying mana pots you're playing the game wrong. And you're undervaluing the MP5 from Hunter's Blessing.

Even in this:

Pro Supports are telling you that the ADC should be picking up Multi pots.

An actual playstyle difference would be whether you decide between 2 health and 2 multi pots or 3 health and 1 multi.
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Desert Furry Build/ADC
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