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February 16, 2016 by JonElam
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Ah Poken Cab

Smite God: Ah Muzen Cab

Item Purchase Order

Crits for days

Build Item Ninja Tabi
Build Item Rage
Build Item The Executioner
Build Item Deathbringer
Build Item Qin's Sais
Build Item Wind Demon


February 16, 2016


Ah, the god of Bees. Obviously, your first thought is.. "Bees... really?" Yes bees! Being the god of bees is bad ***, not only because of the poke from your stinger, but the beautiful way that you see the light from your enemies eyes leave. It's heart warming.

During this guide, I'll be telling you how to kick *** at one of (In my opinion) the most underrated gods in Smite.


Bees! Now, you might be wondering. What the hell is AMC's passive for? AMC's passive is called BEES! Basically, your little pets go onto other gods and sting them. Something you'll also notice while playing AMC, is that when you hit one enemy god with your bees, if they get closer to another god, they'll contract the bees as well. Deadly right?

Hive Your hive. This is where the magic happens. No, but really, while in range of your bees, AMC is healed, gets extra attack speed, and moves faster than you normally would. Also, while you're in your hive, you can throw your jelly around with a great amount of ease. (Not that you should ever throw your jelly around.. It's just an expression.) Your Honey will attract the bees who will take to it and attach themselves to any god or minion that step in it.

Swarm Swarm is really just the bee's knees. Swarm is an ability where you throw forward a swarm of bees who then attack your opponents. It does quite a bit of damage, but also applies bees to each and every god you hit. It's very useful to use your honey /w hive, then hit them with your swarm. (COMBO BREAKERRRR)Swarm also does +80% of your physical power in damage, so there's something to look forward to.

Honey Honey is meant for the bears of the world. In other words, you're a bear, and everyone else needs to leave your honey alone. Honey slows your enemies, and, if in the range of a hive, will also apply bees to them as well. Not to mention, the damage your bees do while protecting the honey also scales 15% of your physical power.

Stinger Deadly deadly this one. You pull off your huge stinger (Insert witty pun here) and impale any god you're aiming at. Once hit with your stinger, the god is crippled for 3 seconds, has bees applied to them, is slowed, and is ripe for the picking. If picking means death in this analogy, that is. Once your stinger falls out of the enemy god, you'll want to pick it up, as it reduces your cooldown by 80%.

Pros / Cons

Bees! Who doesn't like bees?
High damage build
No need for Penetration
Self sustain
"Most annoying god in Smite"

No escape
MASSIVE mana hog
Is good late game, but in the first 2-3 minutes you'll have to be careful.
People enjoy killing your hives.

Team Work

I know this is self explanatory, but you will NEED your team.

YOUR TEAM WILL BE THE DEATH OR LIFE OF YOU. Meaning, you do NOT want the focus on you. You may be high damage, but you are a squishy god still. Your job is to protect your team like you protect your hives. If you see someone being chased, start bashing them with your bees and basic attack. They'll run, trust me.

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