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Contest: Who Is Your Nemesis?

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Forum » News » Contest: Who Is Your Nemesis? 30 posts - page 1 of 3
Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by FlashJ » February 10, 2014 9:30am | Report

Who Is Your Nemesis?
Win Nemesis + Her Skin!
Thanks Hi-Rez for another awesome new goddess and another awesome new skin giveaway!

To win one of 5 codes to unlock Nemesis + her alternate color skin - No Mercy, leave a comment here telling us your #1 nemesis in Smite. Who is your least favorite god to see on the other team? Or maybe you like seeing them so you can show them who's boss?

The giveaway ends this Sunday night. We will announce the 5 winners next Monday.

Good luck!

Fine Print

  • Contest is worldwide.
  • Contest will be closed Sunday, February 16th, 11:59:59 pm PST
  • Winners will be announced on Monday, February 17th
  • Winners will be notified by email and will have 7 days to claim their prize.
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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by subheg » February 10, 2014 9:35am | Report
Not sure about the contest, but talking of nemesis, there is only 1!

Loki in Hoarder against me a mage..damn


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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Raventhor » February 10, 2014 9:42am | Report
^ Breastplate of Valor + Aegis/Combat Blink GG


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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by arka222 » February 10, 2014 9:51am | Report
Ao Kuang ulti turning my bum to ashes
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A god idea...


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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Talenhiem » February 10, 2014 11:11am | Report
Bastet: every time there has been a Bastet on the enemy team, we lost the match. No joke.


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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by pepe2c » February 10, 2014 11:16am | Report
chaac.... i cant kill him... i cant scape from him...


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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Subzero008 » February 10, 2014 11:23am | Report
Bakasura. He is my least favorite god, because of his ultimate.

No matter how well I am doing, no matter how often he died, his ultimate means instant death in the jungle, as you are bodyblocked and attacked from all sides by minions who deal insane damage, more than any other pet in the game, while he spams you with basic attacks.

I hate him. You can't run from his insane bonus movement speed, nor can you do anything about the true damage. No counterplay other than die or get Combat Blink. Yeah, CC works, but ANYHTING dies under CC.


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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Spyraptor » February 10, 2014 11:26am | Report
Zeus for sure!Any hero, any time...


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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Joseph007 » February 10, 2014 11:37am | Report
Nemesis. She's just disgusting to play against when she's jungling or in joust.


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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Raventhor » February 10, 2014 3:00pm | Report
Just make sure you guys know, for the comment to count, it has to be in the right location on the Smite Facebook page.

However, you intend to just create discussion, you may continue posting here; however, your comments in this thread do not enter you into the contest.


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