February 19, 2019

Is Merlin Good?

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Merlin. This god is way different than any other god in smite, he is a stance changer that has 3 STANCES. He has the power of Arcane, Fire, and Ice. The arcane stance is high damage, medium range, CC stance. The arcane abilities are hard to hit correctly so this stance is a little tricky. The fire stance is HIGH DAMAGE, short range, and pretty easy to hit. The 2 has a protection shred and combine that with magus the penetration is insane. the ice stance is more of Medium damage, Long range, CC. The ice stance has a slow and can have potentially high damage. the flicker in his kit is really handy if have fast enough reflexes you can escape CC abilities such as a terra wall. In the joust map, he can flicker in between the mana camps and is a nice escape if he needs it. So personally I think he is a good mage we added and will need some NERFS in the future.