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ThiccJiggly420's Blog
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February 19, 2019

Is Merlin Good?

Views: 880 ThiccJiggly420
Merlin. This god is way different than any other god in smite, he is a stance changer that has 3 STANCES. He has the power of Arcane, Fire, and Ice. The arcane stance is high damage, medium range, CC stance. The arcane abilities are hard to hit correctly so this stance is a little tricky. The fire stance is HIGH DAMAGE, short range, and pretty easy to hit. The 2 has a protection shred and combine that with magus the penetration is insane. the ice stance is more of Medium damage, Long range, CC. The ice stance has a slow and can have potentially high damage. the flicker in his kit is really handy if have fast enough reflexes you can escape CC abilities such as a terra wall. In the joust map, he can flicker in between the mana camps and is a nice escape if he needs it. So personally I think he is a good mage we added and will need some NERFS in the future.

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January 09, 2019

Who is the Worst God in Smite

Views: 3337 ThiccJiggly420
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Personally, I have Three Gods that Come to mind when I think of the worst gods in smite. Remember these are in no specific order. 1 - Isis, She has early game damage and clear but then when we get to late game she does not do as well or even serve a purpose, Maybe her ult bc of good Objective Secure. 2 - Bastet, She has almost NO purpose either, She can be shut down easily only good if she snowballs and doesn't really even have a good kit, Her ult can be dealt with easily late game and early game is the only place she can be useful. She has damage that can be aegised and when she jumps you know where she will land, even though she got a buff in a couple of patched ago it really didn't help. all I can say is Bastet is Annoying. 3 Cabrakan, he is a very Unique god, But let me ask you this would you rather have a Cabrakan or A terra. Exactly, also he has short ranged stuns and VERY low range, His ult can be useful but can easily be jumped over if not done correctly. So you decide Who is t…
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January 08, 2019
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The God pack gives you all the gods and more, It lets you try all the gods so you can find your perfect god. Plus you can switch in ranked if you need to or have a good support or any role that you need. and you'll have all the new gods that come out such as King Arthur and Merlin that are coming out.

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