February 21, 2020

Smite: Reunite the Table

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Short-Story  |  God Idea  |  Fun
A distressed king sits alone in a ruined meeting hall, a once masterfully crafted round table engraved with ancient markings and decored with magical symbolism which sat in the middle retained very little of its former shape while the rest is reduced to rubble. The chairs which surrounded the table also broken into bits and pieces of stone, except for the one the king was sitting at.

“It’s just us, no one is left.” Said a wizard standing in the doorway to the hall. “Gawain, Percival, none of the other knights either. Face it, Arthur, Camelot is lost.” Arthur raises his head to face the wizard speaking to him, “Merlin, have you learned anything about that monster that attacked yet?” “Not yet,” Merlin said in response “ it’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. Maybe a new type of dragon I’ve never seen before” before closing a book on his research book.
Merlin let out a sigh “If only Lancelot was-” “Don’t say that name!” Arthur response with a low enraged growl. Merlin, taken aback by this, responds, “I understand your anger, Arthur, but with both you and Lance-... him away from the kingdom, two of Camelot’s finest knights were not there to defend the kingdom. It left Camelot wide open for that monster to attack and allowed Mordred to take the throne.” Arthur gripping the arms of his chair unsure what would break first the stone chair or his hands, “Merlin, what that man has done to me and my kingdom can never be forgiven. He’s gone, locked away in his castle, and it should stay that way. I promise you, if I see him again I will kill him.” Merlin not knowing how to respond to that threat only mutters “I’ll be in my studies, looking for more information about that monster.” “You do that, I’ll stay right here,” says Arthur, slumping down in his chair.
After some time has passed, Arthur fell asleep at his chair dreaming of good times he had with his knights, the battles they won, the silly antics of Dinadan, and other proud moments but soon as the good moments ran out the bad ones started rushing in. Arthur giving chase to a former friend, a missing queen, fallen brothers in arms, and slaying a member of his own family brought Arthur back to consciousness in a cold sweat.

After a while, Merlin was contacted by the Queen of Olympus, Hera who explained everything to the two men and asked if they want to join them. They accept and start gathering everything they need to set off towards the monster that destroyed Camelot, Jormundgandr.
“Arthur, are you ready, Hera is waiting for us.” “I have one more thing left I need to do.” Arthur responds “Make it quick. The longer we wait, the more destruction Jornumangundr will cause.” Merlin says as he walks towards the center of the hall. After a moment, Arthur meets up with Merlin, armor on and Excalibur at his side. “Ready?” Merlin asks, “Let us end this, for Camelot.” Arthur answers. With that, Merlin waves his hands with a flowing motion while chanting unknown words as they vanish in a flash of bright light.
A disheveled knight walks into the ruined meeting hall. His armor resembling that of a knight but in poor condition showing signs of wear and tear and lack of maintenance. The knight begins to have a look around and noticed a parchment with a request written on it. The parchment says:
    “The Round Table is gone, Camelot is destroyed, and I am gone. To anyone reading this, if you want to seek vengeance against the forces of chaos that took away our friends, family, and our home. Join me in Olympus to reclaim the honor of Camelot and rebuild the Knights of the Round Table. Sincerely, your King, Arthur Pendragon.”

Placing the parchment back down, the knight rushes out the front gate of the hall, reaching his horse waiting for him at the front of the castle. Grabbing something out of a saddle pouch from his horse. The first item was a thin sword, perfect for slashing and piercing, the engravings on the blade reflect the nobility of a prince and a warrior. The second a wooden targe shield that emitted magical power, on the shield was a painting of crest, the crest of Lancelot. Equipping his gear and hopping on his horse, Lancelot sets off to the Battleground of the Gods.

The Concept of Lancelot can be viewed here.