August 06, 2017

Changing my Format, Working Smarter Not Harder

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Since I've been busy with going to work as well as getting ready for college, I barely have any time anymore to make lengthy guides. So I thought of an idea to keep my guides more frequent in the updates but without all the hassle. So from this point on, I will be removing builds as there are many possibilities to build up a god but also because since balancing forces me to work from square one again. With the item section, I'll give a description on how a god should be built (auto-attack, bulky, ect.) with an example build for visual.
Is this lazy on my part, might be, but I want to make guides for my favorite gods and finish my warrior series without having take too long working on one guide then having to stop to update another.
If this is going to be a problem and forces my work to no longer be called "guides" then I'll go back to standard.