April 19, 2017

The Zeus Problem

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Now I know what you're thinking. " Zeus? What's wrong with him?"

Well it isn't really what's wrong with the god itself it's more along the lines of what I feel like whenever I play him. Now most of you guys may witness how Zeus is supposed to the major definition of burst mage. You stack the charges press 3 and then boom, all their health is gone.

However no matter how I build him it always seems like I never do enough damage. It could be the fact that I'm not building him right but I know for a fact that I tend to build him correctly as you would with any other mage. (You can think of the build, I ain't gonna go into detail with the build but for the sake of argument the average power at the end of the build is ~750) Now I don't know about you but with that amount of power you're probably expecting the Detonate Charge should do maybe 300+ damage but I'm getting barely 500 which isn't impressive if you're fighting a warrior or a tank. Then again most burst mages can reach it with just one ability.

The point I'm trying to make here is that Zeus' damage just doesn't seem that relevant. He is one of the top mid laners at the current meta but it just seems that I can't get him to work for me. It could also be how easy it is to counter his damage. With items such as Stone of Fal and even Bulwark of Hope allowing the victim to survive with maybe minimal health.

So whilst I build him right and I manage to get the damage numbers it just feels unsatisfying to play him. Oh well, enough of my ranting. It's about time I hit the books and get to my guide making.(WINK!)