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RonPerlas's Blog
Blog Posts: 5     Views: 11492     Comments: 41
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November 15, 2017

Deleting a guide

Views: 1991 RonPerlas
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guide  |  smite
Hello guys, I just want to ask is there anyway to delete a guide I've made? I haven't been active lately. I just want to delete some of them. Thank you.

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August 03, 2017


Views: 1464 RonPerlas
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photobucket  |  photos
hey guys I need your help! How do you guys add photos on your guide I was using photobucket before but it ruined my guide basically they wanted me to upgrade (PAY) for their website and it locked my photos out. After 8 years of using photobucket, I think it's time to close my account. Greedy mfs! anyway, do you guys know any website that allows you to save photos? Thank you so much! :D

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May 28, 2017

I want your feedback!

Views: 944 RonPerlas
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Anhur  |  Boobs  |  Hirez  |  Season 4  |  Smite
Hello guys, I want your feed back with this build. I think it's pretty solid and it does a lot amount of damage. I also want to apologize that this build of mine is a bit empty because I don't have the time to update every single build. If you find this useful please consider leaving a rating on the build. Thank you and please try it out!

Guide to the link.

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April 10, 2017
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4.5  |  Answer Keys  |  celestial voyage  |  Hi-Rez  |  Smite
Hello people, since console players just receive the 'Celestial Voyage 4.5'. I thought why not make an answer key for those people who don't have time to grind and guess which one is the answer. I'm here to help.

You've been warned, again. Spoiler Ahead, if you don't care then proceed.

Celestial Voyage Answer Keys!

You must activate them in order to get the rewards. I really like this event I hope Hi-Rez keep doing this in every events. Comment if you agree! I hope you find this helpful console players! :)

Happy Gaming

- Ron Perlas

Check out my build for



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March 23, 2017

Kuzenbo Sucks?!

Views: 4153 RonPerlas
Hello guys, My name is Ron. I just want to get your thoughts on Kuzenbo. I main support and to me, I feel like his kit is sooooooooooooooooooo bad. His Sumo Slam is so easy to miss. Nene Kappa is kinda mediocre and easy to kill. His minion clearing wave sucks! the only thing that useful for him is his ultimate Watery Grave I guess it's okay for pushing enemy to towers or breaking a fight but til then that's it? I've tried to save my team mates from dying but most of the time I failed trying to push em away. There's nothing really I can do from it. Do you think Hi-Rez needs to fix this god?


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