May 04, 2016

Summer! Yay, oh wait... I got work to do...

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So, now the summer is really getting closer and I thought that at this point, I could finally rest. I've been studying like crazy and I've been super stressed all the time. I had an exam like every week, I wrote reports and essays all the time and I've been sending applications to find a place to do my intership. Well, I think I should be very happy that I passed all the tests and I'll get my credits from all the courses.

But... I just realized what the summer is going to bring for me. I did get an intership, which requires a lot of knowledge from me and it's going to be a real challenge cuz I'll be dealing with business sharks... alone... Along with this intership I also have 3 different summer courses to do. And the work doesn't end here, cuz I need to start working with my thesis. For me, this is a lot work to do and I really don't know if I have any personal life going on along with all this.

I'll be updating both of my guides within the next 2 weeks.
But hey Enjoy your summer everyone! Here in Finland the sun is actually shining atm, but I wonder if the freezing wind is going to find us afterall and bring some snow to our backyards :3