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nanoyam's Blog
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May 04, 2016
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Intership  |  NeverEnds  |  School  |  Summer  |  Thesis
So, now the summer is really getting closer and I thought that at this point, I could finally rest. I've been studying like crazy and I've been super stressed all the time. I had an exam like every week, I wrote reports and essays all the time and I've been sending applications to find a place to do my intership. Well, I think I should be very happy that I passed all the tests and I'll get my credits from all the courses.

But... I just realized what the summer is going to bring for me. I did get an intership, which requires a lot of knowledge from me and it's going to be a real challenge cuz I'll be dealing with business sharks... alone... Along with this intership I also have 3 different summer courses to do. And the work doesn't end here, cuz I need to start working with my thesis. For me, this is a lot work to do and I really don't know if I have any personal life going on along with all this.

I'll be updating both of my guides within the next 2 weeks.
But hey Enjoy your summer e
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April 01, 2016

Farewell Skadi

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April Fools  |  Patch Notes  |  Skadi  |  Ullr got skis
I'm sorry Skadi but you've been countered.

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January 13, 2016

Inactivity in the air!

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love ya all  |  school  |  stress
I'm sorry I've been inactive for while (2 months maybe?). My school is just stressing me out right now. I even spent my christmas eve to write some essays x)

I'm not going to leave SF, but I'm going to be less active what comes to commenting guides/forums and updating my guide. I just need to focus on school with 100%, hopefully this stress relieves during the spring.

*Mostly wrote this, if someone wondered why i'm not replying on anything.*

Have fun writing new guides everyone! I'll be checking few new guides and leave my +1 for the ones that deserves them :3


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October 28, 2015

Smitefire community

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community  |  me  |  new guide  |  new here
I've been using Smitefire anonymously for like too many years before signing here. Well I did have an user in mobafire though I wasn't very active and I only had one guide which I already archived.

So now I decided to join this community and I also recently published my first guide. My first impression was just "Where are all the users?" Yeh the front page and forums seems to be full from messages of active users but after taking a closer look this community is afterall very small and it seems to be hard to blend in. Well that's something I hope will change someday.

But I'm not here now to write about all the problems so let me just introduce myself shortly.

I'm a 20 year old female law student and I love to use my freetime playing video games. I have played Smite since beta launch sometimes very active and someties forgetting the game even exists. I joined Smitefire mainly to give credit to users that have made an useful guides and of course just to let people know my perspective. …
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