November 08, 2017

All About Me

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So, I joined SmiteFire to learn more advanced strategies and ideas that could help me have success in SMITE.

Anyone who knows me would say I can only play mages(probably true) but I enjoy playing support too! I am a team player. Don't expect me to be in the spotlight.

I love playing with my friends whom I have formed a team with in the recent months. We are currently playing in Xbox tournaments hosted by ASLT and ProAM.

I am not perfect. I am always learning and trying to improve at the game. This meta has made me frustrated as a midlaner and has almost pushed me into playing support. However, this pressure has made me realize the importance of adaptation. A meta shouldn't force you to quit the game or leave your role. Maybe your mentality will, but not the meta. I am a team player and it seems reasonable for me to be a support, but I also have that inner desire to hit massive lets on all of my foes(Just give me Thoth or Scylla).

I am always looking for new people to talk to and discuss SMITE topics with, so feel free to message me!