April 19, 2024

Blog 3 - Bumba's Spear for Hunters

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Hey, SmiteFire.

In my Conquest the other day I had gotten Carry as my role and decided to go for a structure/objective focused build path. I remembered that Bumba's Spear provides +50 true damage on each basic attack against a jungle boss or structure, so I chose it over the other typical Starters of Cowl, Arrow, or Death's Toll.

The rest of my build was that of a typical Hunter, consisting of Devourer's, Executioner, Dominance, and Qin's. I opted for Wind Demon as my last item, though I probably should have gone one of the bows. In general, my final build felt pretty solid. My team ended up winning the game, thanks in part to my 13,828 structure damage. Needless to say, I mainly focused objectives and only put autos onto frontliners/divers when necessary.

So overall, I wonder if it could be a viable strategy. You definitely sacrifice some early sustain and DPS, but in turn the late game objective burn felt pretty effective. Some things I haven't tested yet is whether or not the Fire Giant buff increases the true damage from Bumba's, and I'm pretty sure the damage applies to the Titan although I'm not 100% sure. I'd be interested to hear the community's thoughts on this.