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DV-8's Blog
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March 04, 2020
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So today I learned something that I wasn't really expecting...

It turns out that you can buy items when you are in the ENEMY fountain.

Is this a useful tip? Not really. Maybe if you are pushing the enemy Titan with your team and have a lot of gold in hand, but don't want to back and lose pressure, you could step in and out of the enemy fountain for a second and pick up a 3k Elixir... or something? ...Idk, lol

Just found it interesting so I thought I'd share.

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March 01, 2020

Some fun with Herc

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So, I was doing some theory crafting for Hercules in the Solo lane and I had a fun idea, which I decided to test out in one of my ranked matches:

My idea was building Golden Blade.

The reason for this was that I wanted to use Driving Strike aggressively on enemy gods instead of using it to clear waves. Hercules doesn't really have any other way to quickly clear waves, so I looked for Golden Blade to help in that regard.

I used Earthbreaker to group archers up with melee minions, and was then able to clear quickly. It actually felt pretty nice in the early game.

However, I felt a slight drop off after that. I think my mistake was building Golden Blade instead of Warrior Tabi, when I probably should have built both items, and then move into a defensive option (note that I did build Warrior's Blessing).

Probably not super viable, but it was fun to try out. It also got me some comments from my teammates and enemies after the game, lol. For those interested in the match details, …
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January 22, 2019

SmiteFire Game Night?

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I thought a cool way to kick off the new season would be to have a SmiteFire game night for members to play each other.

Previously, this was difficult because we didn't have cross-platform play. With this new feature coming soon, I think it would be cool to play with members from other platforms that I've never played with.

Was thinking we could organize a time and day where we could play with familiar names for the first time.

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